Times like these don’t just fall out of the sky. Or…wait! Yes they do! This past week or so was a big win for the atmosphere, which stirred up a massive fuss all over the joint. A typhoon and a tropical cyclone on either side of the Equator in the Western Pacific, an off-season Southern Ocean resurgence, and the almost impossible magnificence of Atlantic Overdrive — not even to mention the north and NW swell flare-ups that hit everywhere across the North Pac basin. Good times for all.


Above: Lotus 168-hour global swell forecast animation. Note the North Atlantic still thick with action, Vietnam getting belted by a typhoon, Hawaii wearing it from all angles, NZ’s west coast receiving some holiday cheer, and even J-Bay being off-seasoned.

And once again, in the holiday lead-up, we’ll all be forced to go surfing.