90’s Inspiration

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses this year, we will see fabrics such as satin and crushed velvet making a comeback. Clean and modern silhouettes, like the iconic ‘90s slip dress, will leave your girls with images of Posh Spice in her heyday. These dresses can be customized with minimalist details such as square necklines, spaghetti straps, and lace-up backs.


With the 2021 obsession with Bridgerton, romantic ruffles and Victorian-inspired styles have been popping up with many designers. These dresses will range anywhere from soft and romantic to structured and architectural, giving each bridesmaid their fashion moment. The ruffles can be placed anywhere on the dress, from flouncy tops to ruffled hems.

Mix Without the Match

Everyone has become so used to seeing solid-coloured dresses for years, but 2022 will be the year of mixing and not matching. We will start seeing prints and solids in complimentary palettes to create a cohesive look across bridal parties. When it comes to the patterns, be on the look-out for very grand millennial-wallpaper-inspired prints, monochromatic prints, and solids mixed with sequins.


This trend has been around for a while but will continue into the new year. The reason neutrals have become so popular is that they will work in any location or season, giving you flexibility in the event you need to change your plans. We’re moving away from traditional brightly coloured dresses and embracing colours such as champagnes, grays, and taupe.

All Black Everything

While not a new trend by any means, all black bridal parties are one of the most evergreen options you can go with. But keep in mind with this option that you’re cross-checking the dresses to make sure they will look okay when photographed together. One shade of black that is slightly different than all the others can ruin the vibe and your photos.

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Photos: Brandie Sunley for Edward Ross Photography ; Vincent Ybanez Photography

Hair and Makeup: Rock it Out Salon

Dresses: The Bridal Boutique, EAV Boutique

Venue: Banff Jasper Pursuit Collection

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