Generative AI is ready to help you enhance your creativity and boost your business. Let’s review the actionable steps and learnings from AI experts at Shutterstock’s showcase. 

On May 17, experts gathered together to discuss what the future of AI innovation holds. At Shutterstock’s first-ever Generative AI Summit, attendees saw how creators are using AI to reach new business heights. 

Leaders at Shutterstock unveiled a powerful package of AI tools to assist professionals’ projects, workflows, and creative exploration. Thought leaders from across the tech space discussed the opportunities, implications, and ethics of AI integration in the creative process. We even held a fireside chat with a visual artist and storyteller to discuss how AI is impacting his personal creative experiences. 

Let’s look through the learnings, experiences, and actionable next steps discovered throughout the showcase. Below, you’ll learn more about:

Creating Possibility with AI 

Generative AI is changing the nature of creative work. Throughout the digital showcase, Shutterstock and other industry leaders took a deep dive into its possibilities. A panel of experts discussed market fears and how to commit to ethical AI frameworks. 

This panel included: 

  • Greg Estes, Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Developer Programs at NVIDIA
  • Diya Wynn, Senior Practice Manager, Responsible AI, Emerging Technologies & Intelligent Programs at Amazon Web Services’ Machine Learning Solutions Lab
  • Jacqui Moore, Executive Producer at Peloton
  • Meghan Schoen, Shutterstock’s Chief Product Officer

Ethical AI Must Be at the Forefront of Work Moving Forward

Ultimately, the panel acknowledged the anxieties surrounding AI and ethics, but also focused on its optimistic possibilities. In order to ensure the future of work is equitable and productive, those who use AI must be proactive in embracing ethically sound technology. That is why showcase panelists partner with Shutterstock, who in turn, prioritizes ethical AI advancement through partnering with AI For Good, the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union. Strong working relationships across teams that prioritize ethics—which at their core are diverse, representative, and inclusive—establishes a future for AI that’s bright for both brands and creative individuals.

“AI has the potential to be a game changer for creativity,” said Schoen. “There’s a lot of uncertainty because it’s new. The best way to cut through the uncertainty is to have good partners, experiment, and lean in.”

Panelists agreed that now is the time for creative professionals to embrace the positive potential that generative AI brings to the table. Ultimately, while AI will change some aspects of work, all panelists agreed that it will help professionals become stronger creative thinkers.

“AI is here on the creative side and has been for a while,” said Moore. “I think that one of the biggest challenges for creatives is getting started (on a new project) . . . That first word on a piece of paper or the first brushstroke on the canvas. AI jumpstarts that process. It’s also really improving the production workflow, which then enables creatives to spend their time being creative.”

How Are Creatives Using AI Right Now?

The summit also included a fireside chat between artist and storyteller Jahmel Reynolds and Shutterstock’s Vice President of Brand Skip Wilson. The two had a candid conversation surrounding the difficult questions AI poses. Reynolds uses generative AI to produce highly-detailed, beautiful, sci-fi-esque scenes set within Brooklyn. To him, AI isn’t totally taking away art from artists . . . but rather, it opens up new mediums of artistic expression. 

Actionable Next Steps 

If you’re new to AI, or if you consider yourself an expert already, there are a few ways you can start working with it:

Check Out Shutterstock’s AI Portfolio 

While the spotlight of the showcase focused on generative technology, there are a number of other AI-based offerings that Shutterstock provides. We’ll explore each of them below. 

AI Image Generator

Ready to unleash your creativity with the power of AI? Just type a simple description of what you want to see. In a few seconds, AI will generate four unique images that reflect your own imagination.

Edit them with the Zoom Out feature. Or use our style picker to enhance your ideas further. Generate images now.


Drive success, whatever your goals. Our Predict Design Assistant uses data-backed AI insights to recommend which creative assets are forecasted to perform for your social channels. 

Choose your social channel and set your goals. In a few seconds, AI will predict which creative assets will perform best for your ads and audience. Try it now.

Expedite image search, discovery, and licensing from the massive Shutterstock library. Select multiple images and let Shutterstock’s computer vision technology do the work of surfacing images with a similar look and feel. 

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Train Computer Vision Models

Power your own AI models with our expansive, diverse, and global content database. Shutterstock hosts over 400 million labeled images, videos, and 3D models for the exact datasets your projects need. Train your models with precision.

Get Started with AI Today

The incredible content from Shutterstock doesn’t stop, now that our AI Showcase has ended! Explore the resources below to continue your creative journey with AI. 

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