Just like in our daily lives, sustainability is a major trend when it comes to wedding invitations 2023 for 2023. No matter the style of invitation, there is a big pull toward something sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethically made. There is a large misconception that wedding invitations cannot be eco-friendly and beautiful all at the same time. There are so many ways make your entire suite eco-friendly or to blend sustainable components. Wedding invitations are your guest’s first impression of your wedding and something they will look at for months before your special day.  

When it comes to paper choice, there are so many different options to explore. To name a few; recycled paper, homemade paper, or plantable seed paper. Plantable seed paper is one of my favourite papers to make, however I always caution couples to remind their guests to leave nature as they found it in national parks or other prohibited areas. Reserve planting these for gardens or special spots that allow for these great biodegradable invitation options.  

Envelopes are incredibly easy to find in a recycled paper and I’m sure any stationer you decide to go with would have these options available for you. My favourite thing to do for my clients is to hand make the envelopes. I have used recycled paper, old maps, and old books to hand make gorgeous envelopes which really are the first impression to your guest. If your stationer isn’t keen on making the envelopes, they may be willing to create some recycled envelope inserts for you!  

Adding embellishments can elevate any wedding invitation suite. Wax seals are one element that is beautiful and classic on any invitation. The only wax I purchase is Canadian made and I ensure that none ever ends up in the landfill! When hand pressing seals for my clients, I hang on to any extra that leaks from the gun. When I have enough saved up, I will remelt this wax and press new seals. Hemp, twine, or dried and pressed flowers are yet another way to elevate your finished suite.  

Hand-delivering your invitations is just another way to decrease your ecological footprint. Delivering what you can will omit the fuel emissions from shipping, save you money, and you get to see the looks on your guest’s face’s when they open a custom piece you and your stationer worked so hard to create.  

Wedding stationers are so excited to create something new and explore new ideas. If you have ideas about making your suite special to you as a couple, bring them forward to your stationer. We are so excited to be part of your wedding and create something magical for your special day.

About the Author

Meet Renee Billiald, the owner and designer behind Loft Designs Weddings. Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Renee and her husband Kyle moved out to Alberta in 2015 to forward their careers. Renee married her husband in 2012. 

Renee has always loved paper, stationery, and all things weddings. A true passion for pretty things and making people feel special, Renee developed her online Etsy business Loft Designs Canada in 2018 creating greeting cards and birthday calendars donating 10% of all proceeds to charities assisting families coping with miscarriage and infant loss.  

After a few customer requests for wedding stationery, Renee was reminded of her love for weddings and celebrating the most special day with people. She loves creating with you to make your day just what you envisioned! 

When she is not behind her computer, she is usually out and about with her family (outside as much as possible), traveling, or enjoying delicious baked goods!

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