The ring bearer plays a crucial role in delivering the ring down the aisle during the ceremony.

But what if you don’t want the ring bearer to carry a pillow?

Sometimes a ring bearer is too little to hold or handle a pricey item. Other times, you may have more than one ring bearer and want them to have different roles. On the other hand, you may just want something unique!

Either way, look no further: in this blog post, we’ll show you what the ring bearer can carry or do instead of holding a ring pillow.

Ring Bearer Pillow Alternatives: What To Carry Instead

The ring bearer can carry any of these suitable alternatives to the traditional pillow.

The first idea that comes to mind is a sign. It’s easy to carry because they can wear it, comfortably, down the aisle. No fussing with a pillow that’s too big to carry or worrying they’ll knock over the rings. It’s brilliant!


A sign can be worn or carried down the aisle instead of being in charge of the rings. This is a perfect alternative when you have more than one ring bearer or want to include additional kids in the wedding.

There are many varieties of ring bearer signs available at The Ritzy Rose.

Women's Dresses

Instead of being on ring duty, they can tell guests to, “Please rise” and, “Here comes the bride”.

► See more sign options here.

If you want your ring bearer to carry the rings, but you want something unique and more secure, a ring box with a lid is a great option. And unlike other clunky or heavy boxes we’ve found, this one is lightweight and compact… perfect for tiny hands to carry!

Ring Box

This ring pillow alternative is a box that keeps the rings snugly inside. No risk of dropping the rings here! Plus, you don’t have to tie them to a knotted ribbon, so removing them is easy-peasy. By MUUJEE.

by muujee

Last but not least, maybe you have multiple ring bearers or you want a fun alternative to a standard pillow. Make them a security guard instead! A case is one of my favorite things a ring bearer can carry instead of a pillow.

Ring Security Case

Make your ring bearer a mini security guard with this fun “suitcase”. You can even fill it up with gifts for him to play with post-ceremony, like coloring books, crayons, and more. Get it at TieTheKnotGoods.

by tietheknotgoods

For Your Dog

And if you want someone else in charge of the rings (while your ring bearer carries something else), give the task to your pup! This ring bearer pouch fits on their collar and works great as a ring bearer pillow alternative. 😉 By CreateGiftLove.

by creategiftlove

I hope this helps you decide on a fun alternative for your ring bearer! It’s not about the vessel they carry but the honor of being in your wedding. Pick something that is easy for them to do or carry down the aisle and they’ll be grinning ear-to-ear in their special role. 🙂

Happy Planning!



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