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brown orange hued maple glaze shimmery brown simple fall nails
maple glaze autumn nails: Glamnetic | photo: Leanne Duong

For fall 2023, we’re seeing a mix of classic autumn nail trends and more bold, statement-making designs. The shimmery chrome finishes that you’ve seen everywhere the past few months aren’t going anywhere — but they are getting a fresh fall makeover! Instead of glazed donut nails and milky manis, autumn has us dipping our fingers into syrupy maple styles and cozy velvet-inspired designs.

Gothcore is also taking over our mood boards, and your fall nails are the perfect way to try out this moody trend! Embrace spooky season with vampy hues like black and burgundy, long shapes like coffin or almond nails, and unexpected details like studs or ombre designs.

On the other end of the spectrum, the quiet luxury trend has us ditching over-the-top styles in exchange for classy, understated designs, and our fall nails are no exception! If you subscribe to the “less is more” camp, then you’ll love trending fall ideas like micro French tips and natural nude nails. Short lengths are also making a comeback, perfect for a your-nails-but-better style!

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