If you’re a streamer who needs to do a lot of things hands-free, then a mini pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera with AI capabilities could be just the thing. Something with reliable tracking, perhaps.

Luckily, the innovative people at Obsbot have thought of all this with their new AI-powered mini PTZ camera, the Tail Air. DIYP spoke to Leonard from Obsbot to find out more about this nifty little device.

The Tail Air is a tiny 4K PTZ streaming camera, designed for content creators. It’s ideal for individuals, cooking shows, musical performances or for places of worship. You can easily hook up a network of these cameras that all work in sync with one another. It’s portable and light weight, and so we’re told, very easy to use.

Advanced object tracking

The biggest advantage of this little camera is probably its tracking capabilities. The AI algorithm creates an accurate follow focus, that can be placed on any object. From a face, to an entire person, to animals or inanimate object, the follow focus is reliable.

Remote operation

The Tail Air can be operated with a remote control, via hand gestures, or with a multi channel board. Of of these options provide a remote user hands free experience, meaning that that the talent can also be the filmmaker. There’s no need to keep running back and forth behind and in front of the camera.

You can also be your own producer with the handy app that lets you live edit the multi-camera streams in real time. Everything can be controlled directly from your phone with the app.

Wireless system

The camera system is completely wireless letting you place the cameras easily in any location. The connections are via blurtooth or wireless technology.

The battery life of the camera is 2.5 hours of shooting. However, there is a handy charging base that you can use to extend the life to 7 hours of live shooting. That’s an impressive amount of time and should be plenty for any streaming activities.

The camera operates well in low light and has its own ND filters. There’s even a chest harness available for the ultimate in hands free shooting.

Price and availability

The camera is currently on Kickstarter starting at $449. Products are expected to ship in November. As always with Kickstarter projects use your discretion. DIYP cannot guarantee any crowd funded product.

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