Cranston took six years to build the house of his dreams, which is now being called “one of the most remarkable green homes ever built in California.”

If you’ve ever had dreams about living like a movie star, now could be your chance – Bryan Cranston’s beautiful custom-built home in California is on sale now. Keep in mind though, you’ll have to have a significant amount of cash lying around to do it: The eco-friendly beach house with a net-zero carbon footprint is up for grabs at $5 million.

Many close friends confirm that throughout the filming of Breaking Bad, the actor was working on creating his dream home. It was custom-built by the actor to suit his family needs.

Construction on the property wrapped shortly before the show did, and after shooting stopped in 2013, he moved in with his family.

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Now it seems that Cranston’s needs have changed, as he has listed the dream home for somebody else to enjoy The beach house has been listed exactly double the amount that Cranston paid for it back in 2007.

“I put my heart, soul and blood, sweat and often tears into it, and I’m glad, because it was such an artistic endeavour, and yet functional.” Cranston said in a statement. “There’s something lovely about creating something with tremendous pride and effort and turning it over… letting someone else take it to the next level of appreciation.”

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“I hope a family buys it so that their kids and grandkids all come to visit, and they can jump in the ocean and learn how to swim or surf and go for walks on the beach – look at the dolphins that come by almost every morning and afternoon. And the end of the day, on the deck, share a glass of wine with friends as you watch the sunset into the horizon.”

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Back when Cranston bought it, the property that stood on the land was a shabby one-story home that was in dire need of repairs. It took Cranston six years to start from scratch and build the remarkable house of his dreams.

The house that stands there now couldn’t be more different: It has walls of glass, smooth concrete floors, and smart-home amenities, a great room with a magnificent reading nook, and a modern kitchen. On the top, the master suite has a soaking tub and steam shower. The balcony overlooks the ocean from the top, and the lowest level has a patio that descends right into the sandy beach.

Dubbed Three Palms by Cranston, the property was completed in 2013 and boasts 2450 square feet of living space. It’s a two-story plan with three bedrooms and four bathrooms, as well as custom furniture and a personal art collection that can be purchased with it if desired.

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The house uses a combination of solar panels, a recycling system and other energy efficiency add-ins to produce as much energy as it uses. This feature was important to Cranston back when he was overlooking the renovations.

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Located in the quiet community of Mussel Shoals in North Ventura County, Three Palms is up for sale with listing agent John Perkins, who calls it “one of the most remarkable green homes ever built in California.”

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