Some unexpected rain on your big day is definitely not the end of the world!

In fact, some cloudy skies can make things all the more romantic! That’s what happened when Lane + Brandon tied the knot at their destination wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. 

“Lane and Brandon’s vision for the day was editorial and moody,” says photographer Shelby Stewart, “and I think that rain just added more of those elements to the day.”

With some adjustments for the weather and the creative vision of the team at Bouquets and Bowties, their tented outdoor celebration at the historic Gadsen House went off without a hitch. Modern details plus tons of greenery and floral prints made for a timeless romance vibe, and the rain only made it more romantic!

One thing we’re super excited to show you? Lane’s bridal party carried super cute mix-and-match purses instead of bouquets! We are so obsessed.

Let’s take a peek!

These simple, modern invites by Han Written introduced the sage greens that were threaded through the color scheme of the entire day.

Lane is a huge fan of designer Sarah Seven, so she headed to Kelly’s Closet in Atlanta to try on some different styles. The goal wasn’t to feel super bridal or princess-y. She wanted the look to feel like her but dressed up; something simple and unexpected. This particular Sarah Seven gown’s slit and cat eye neckline checked those boxes! Plus its simplicity left Lane lots of room to accessorize with fun details like this sheer cape!

We love a mix-and-match bridal party palette that lets every bridesmaid pick something that fits their personality the best! And we’re definitely digging all these florals. Perfect for a spring wedding like this one. Take a peek at our list of the best floral bridesmaid dresses to find a flowery look of your own!

And check out our collection of the most stunning bridal capes for your wedding day to add some flowy drama to your bridal look like Lane did!

Brandon’s classic tux from Bonobos leaned into the timeless romance of the day.

The Ceremony

If the skies are stormy when you’re heading down the aisle, don’t panic! Take a tip from Lane and her dad: just grab a clear bubble umbrella and head on down the aisle!

And if you’re in the middle of planning, save our writeup about what to do if it rains on your wedding day! (Just incase!)

A sweet and sentimental detail? Lane wore her sister’s veil!

Processional: “I Can't Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley

Recessional: “This Will Be” by Natalie Cole

First Dance: “The Good I'II Do” by Zach Bryan

Look at these dapper doggies in their tuxes!! Pets deserve their moment in the wedding day spotlight, too! Here are 15 times dogs in weddings stole the show.

Lane’s elegant low bun and neutral glam makeup look were crated by Lashes and Lace.

From Lane: "Truthfully, the most memorable part is that it was pouring rain and 45 degrees in Charleston, South Carolina on Memorial Day weekend. Can't help but laugh at that. With that though, the most memorable moments of the day were the quiet ones. When Brandon and I were hiding while all the guests took their seats and we just got to talk without cameras or people, when he spun me around in the rain and we were SOAKED but just didn't care, the first look with my dad, and of course, calling the Dawgs in his Georgia football jersey with my new last name on it."

The Reception

“Before I was a lawyer, I worked as an assistant to wedding planners,” says bride Lane. “The first wedding I ever worked, before I met Brandon, was a small dinner party style wedding in the couple’s backyard, and I knew that’s how I wanted to celebrate my wedding with my person one day.”

So into the earthy idea of using rosemary plants as centerpieces! These tables must have smelled amazing.

Tabletop details from Snyder and EventWorks and specialty rentals from Curated Events leaned into sage-y florals and woven textures to create that elevated backyard dinner party vibe Lane had envisioned.

Love that Lane added some sheer fingerless gloves to her look for the reception! Here are 21 wedding gloves for the fashionable bride!

From Lane: "First: there might be traditions that you want to incorporate but there is no "normal" in weddings any more. Nothing HAS TO be done other than signing that marriage license and saying vows in front of an officiant (or whatever your state requires says the lawyer in me). I think brides work so hard to make their wedding different but all the while just following the cookie cutter layout of people before them. Throw normal out the window, focus on WHY you are having a wedding and then do everything you can to celebrate that. For me, I was having a wedding to marry my best friend and break our 3 year long distance relationship streak. So we planned our wedding to spend as much time together that weekend as possible, we went out with friends during the day Friday before the wedding rather than golfing and going our separate ways, we got breakfast together the morning of the wedding rather than waking up early to get ready separately, we went to a Zach Bryan concert a couple days before because we weren't going to pass up an opportunity just because of wedding stress, we let our best friends and family decide on whatever they wanted to wear because that wasn't our concern so we didn't have an official wedding party, only my sister and his brother stood up there with us, we didn't have cake but we don't like cake so we had espresso brownies and mudslide cocktails instead. We just wanted to start a life surrounded by our people and enjoying each other and I would implore anyone to focus on each other whenever you make a wedding decision rather than focusing on the wedding.
Second: nothing ruins a wedding day if you're marrying the right person and you leave the day successfully married. The morning of our wedding was unprecedented freeze and rain in May in the south. My mom woke up violently Ill and missed most of the morning. The decorations and tables no longer fit under the tent we had to get because of the rain so the whole lay out got switched at the last minute, and one of our olive trees fell on a guest in the middle of my speech, plus a billion other little things. BUT. It was the perfect day."

When you love a team like Lane loves the University of Georgia Bulldogs, you’ve GOTTA rock a jersey with your new last name as a reception dress!

Congrats, Lane + Brandon! SO glad the rain couldn’t stand in the way of your big day! All the best from GWS!

photography: Shelby Stewart // venue name: The Gadsden House, Charleston, SC, USA // event design: Bouquets and Bowties // planning: Bouquets and Bowties // florals: Pretty Petals of Charleston // wedding dress boutique: Kelly’s Closet // bride’s ring: Universal Diamonds // hair stylist: Lashes and Lace // groom attire: Bonobos // groom’s ring: Universal Diamonds // videography: Jodi Lee // calligraphy: Han Written // catering: King Street Hospitality // tabletop rentals: Synder // specialty rentals: Curated Events of Charleston // music: We Got the Beat // tabletop rentals: EventWorks

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