Smallrig has been leading the way lately in compact COB LED lights. Brand Ambassador David Zhou showed DIYP their smallest one yet: the RC 60B.

The RC 60B is a 60-watt light and is incredibly small. Sure, the power output is also small, but sometimes you just don’t need that much light. For example, tabletop or product video, when you just need an extra kicker or something to add a little atmosphere, this little guy can be placed almost anywhere.

Battery power

The coolest part about this light is that it has an internal battery. Even at maximum power, the battery lasts up to 40 minutes. And if you need it to last longer, you can always attach the extra battery pack on the back. This makes this light so portable and versatile.

USB input

If you’re shooting indoors, you can always use the handy USB input to power the light directly from the wall or from any USB PD power bank. That way, there’s no limit on time, and you don’t need to spend lots of money on specific batteries.

The light is compatible with Smallrig’s own modifiers, like the softbox in the video. The light also comes with a regular reflector. The mount is a Bowen mini mount, meaning that it is ultra-compatible with other brands.

Mini mount adapter

Smallrig will also be launching a Bowen’s mini to Bowen’s regular adapter so that you can use pretty much any modifier you may already have (if it’s Bowen’s mount, of course!).

The light has a full-colour LCD display where you can control the intensity and colour temperature. The light also tells you how many minutes of power you have left, rather than just a not-very-helpful percentage indicator.

The light will be available from October 2023 and will be priced around $200.

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