So apparently, size isn’t everything, or that’s what the guys at Dreamchip are telling us at IBC 2023. Enter the AtomOne Mini camera. It fits neatly in the palm of your hand and might be the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen.

Don’t be fooled by its tiny form, however. This little camera packs a punch, and if you watch motor racing or other high-octane sports, you’ve probably already seen footage from it without even knowing. DIYP catch up with JP Delport to find out more.

The camera weighs just 276 grams and is only an inch long. The sensor is also tiny at 1/2.5 inches. However, the picture quality defies its small size, this camera actually shoots full HD 1080 video. Of course, the cameras use wireless technology to send the visuals to the broadcasting team.

The applications are enormous for such a small device. The camera has been used to film driver perspectives in Formula E racing, and it can fit behind an ear for a referee’s point of view (POV) in sports like football and basketball. JP tells us that it’s even been fitted to a Falcon!

The truly unique thing about this camera is its size and weight. In motorsports, every gram counts and can cost drivers the race. This little camera also integrates seamlessly into the other cameras used in a broadcasting situation, so producers can flit between the first-person POV to more regular camera angles.

Viewers want an immersive experience. That’s where POV cameras really come into their own. Dreamchip gives us a fascinating glimpse into the world of tiny cameras that you can put almost anywhere you care to imagine.

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