Surfing attracts people for its adventurous genre and is infamous for its vicious wave wipeouts. From unpredictable ferocities to barbarous accidents, surfing isn’t child’s play, right? Well, a 14-year-old surfer plucked up his courage and challenged every threat lurking beneath the waves and, became the youngest surfer to rule the oceanic tarmac. He caused an astounding stir in the surfing fraternity by paddling over Peahi’s big wave.

From reaching the top of Maui’s Jaws to conquering the big waves, the Hawaiian teen, Steve Roberson has covered it all. In 2021, the then-12-year-old Steve made a big splash in the surfing community by chasing the waves deep within the Jaws of Maui. And now, by pulling off an even bigger ride, Roberson has again made it to the headlines. Interestingly, his fans and surfing fanatics expressed their reverence for the young surfer through their comments.

‘Baby Steve’ receives plaudits and applause from fans and surfing fanatics


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On 11th January 2023, ‘Baby’ Steve Roberson made many heads turn his way by surfing the gigantic big wave in Peahi. Furthermore, in an interview with Hawaii News Now, Roberson expressed his zeal by stating, “I felt so alive. It was gnarly”. However, while surfing the wave, Roberson got hit by the wave lip and was “sucked over the falls”. Thankfully, he was towed back to the safety of the shore.

Interestingly, Roberson’s fans applauded him for his courage by writing some fascinating comments. Some say:

That’s awesome

Nice ride. That was awesome. I could only imagine that rush he must have had

Wow! Glad you’re okay, but awesome wave ride


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about 15 hours ago

Astounded by his endurance, some fans wrote:

As a parent I would have a heart attack!! MAD Props & much respect to you your parents n safety team!”

Unreal!! You got bro! Wow!”


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Awesome glad you had a wonderful time and safe


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Clearly, Steve is a commendable surfer. And, needless to say, he is way beyond his age. Moreover, with his tenacity, Roberson has already set the bar high in the sporting universe of surfing. And, now he is all set to chase his next big wave. What do you think about Steve’s audacity? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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