Horseback riding is permitted in Borderfield State Park, but swimming and surfing are not currently permitted.Photo by Chris Stone

After recent sewage pollution, beach closures have been lifted from the border to the southern tip of Sea Coast Drive, officials said.

San Diego County Environmental Health and Quality Department The water contact closure was lifted on Saturday after tests confirmed that the water quality along the coastline of Tijuana Slau and Borderfield State Park met state health standards and was safe for recreational purposes.

The Tijuana River enters San Diego County from Mexico, flows through the southernmost tip of the county, and then into the Pacific Ocean.

According to a June statement by the Health Organization, sewage-contaminated runoffs flowing into Mexican rivers may be moving north along the San Diego County coastline.

A water contact closure was issued on June 24 due to bacterial counts in samples taken by counties that exceeded California’s health standards, covering the sea coastline of Tifanaslau.

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