My generation and older know Brendan Fraser mostly for his roles in George of the Jungle and The Mummy franchise, filmed in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The actor then disappeared from the spotlight, but he recently made a fantastic comeback with The Whale, for which he won the Best Actor Academy Award.

Photographer Tatiana Hopper recently discovered a fun fact about the beloved actor: he’s also a darn good photographer! In her video, she shares some of Fraser’s work, as well as some fun facts about his website – which isn’t his at all.

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Tatiana discovered the fact about Fraser’s photography in an article announcing his exhibition. Digging further, she found a photo of him as a young man holding a Leica. According to Tech Radar, Fraser would appear on the set of Scrubs carrying a Polaroid, a folding pack camera, and a Holga camera, as he loves lo-fi photography. “He even has a dedication in the book ‘Collector’s Guide to Instant Cameras,” this source reads – and I’m wondering how I missed this when researching for my 2017 article about actors-photographers! 🙂

Anyhow, the selection of Fraser’s images can be seen on a website that stopped following web design trends in the early 2000s. But although the site is outdated, Fraser’s photos seem timeless. It’s a selection of black-and-white images taken on movie sets and in different parts of the world.

Interestingly enough, representatives for Fraser confirmed to Insider in 2021 that the website doesn’t actually belong to the actor. This means that the site’s true owner is a mystery, but the images are reportedly Fraser’s. He doesn’t share his photos on social media, so Tatiana wonders if he still does photography. But according to a more recent image showing him with a Leica – he most likely does; he just doesn’t share it with the world. Still, I hope we’ll get to see some of his work, I’m very curious to see more of Fraser’s images and to see them in a better resolution.

[via FStoppers]

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