And see Mark Healey, John John, Peter Mel etc etc behaving like young boys forced into service by a stronger man.

A who’s who of big-wave surfing, including untouchable legends Shane Dorian and Kai Lenny, have discharged their semen banks on the dorsal fin of Nathan Florence following a barrel ride many are calling the best ever.

Nathan Florence, the Prince Harry lookalike brother of surf Olympian John John, rode a wave he says was the “right of my life. As far as surfing a barrel frontside; the size, the intensity of the session, being in gear I’m not used to, the booties and the gloves and the wetsuit. On a 7’0″ I’ve never ridden but turned out to be one of the best boards ever… this wave that I rode in this session? It’s right up there.”

Dorian described it as “loony”, Kai Lenny said, “Too bad the Big Wave Awards no longer exist, you would’ve won the big cheese” and Australian big-waver Loz Towner wrote, “Incredible! Who’s had the best barrels at all the good big wave spots around the world ? @nathan_florence by a football field.”

Mark Healey, Mike Stewart, Jeremy Flores, John John, Peter Mel, Conner Coffin etc etc all behaved like young boys forced into service by a stronger man.

Interestingly, not six months ago another ride by Florence, this time a left, was praised as “best barrel ever” by the same pundits although his storied older brother Johnny was quick to troll the middle bro of the Florence triumvirate writing with a masterfully droll wit, “Could’ve been deeper.”

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By Charlotte Campbell (Surfer's Paradise)

Charlotte Campbell (Surfer's Paradise)