Jewelry is perhaps one of the more expensive things that we’ll ever spend our money on. Especially if you plan to get married in the future! No matter what you’re buying jewelry for, we’ve got a few tips to help you ensure you never overpay, while still picking out some beautiful pieces for any occasion!

All jewelry has an occasion, so pick accordingly

Jewelry should be worn for a specific purpose. If you’re buying jewelry to compliment your outfits, then you should consider things like the color, the gemstones, and the metals used. These factors will all change how they blend with the rest of your outfits. In many cases, this means that you don’t really need to think about the price of the jewelry. You can buy much cheaper jewelry just because it fits the color combinations that you’re trying to achieve! Don’t just stick to brand names here because you can find some really creative and unique pieces that will be the focal point of your outfits if you allow them to be.

Picking for someone else? Ask for their preferences

To avoid wasting money on jewelry that your recipient doesn’t like, you can simply just ask them for their preferences! People often overcomplicate and overthink things like this. If you’re buying an engagement ring or a friendship ring, then you can just ask the recipient about their preferences and then use this to help narrow down your choices.

Know when to spend more money

Most jewelry you can buy for a fairly low price, and you’ll get something really nice. However, there are a few times when you want to spend more. For instance, the Simon G engagement rings collection is a great place to spend a bit more because you’re buying something that will symbolize the relationship between you and a partner. Of course, this isn’t really a set-in-stone rule! But it’s a good excuse to splash a little more on jewelry if you can afford it.

Diamond isn’t the only gemstone

People tend to forget that other gemstones exist. Diamonds are perhaps the most popular, but they can also be really expensive. You shouldn’t be surprised to find a variety of higher price ranges. Sure, diamond rings and necklaces look amazing on pretty much any outfit! But you should be more open-minded when picking gemstones. You can get some really wonderful pieces for a lot less if you do a bit of Research. Don’t limit yourself to just diamonds, even for your engagement ring!

Consider the metal used as well

Gemstones can be a large chunk of the price of a piece of jewelry, but metals can also play a role. You can pick from different kinds of metal like gold, silver, or even platinum, and they play an important role in creating the overall jewelry piece. Remember that the metal itself has value, so you can often go for something a little cheaper if you want the focal point to be the gemstone itself.

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