Drone video of flooded Felton in Santa Cruz County

The clean-up was underway in parts of southern California as people braced for even more rain, high winds and snow further north.

Weeks of extreme weather have battered communities, leaving homes and businesses underwater, sweeping away vehicles, opening up massive potholes and causing blackouts. Dangerous flash flooding, overflowing rivers and landslides have been reported across the state.

At least 18 deaths have been linked to the extreme weather.

A staggering 955 flood, flash flood, or mudslides have been reported to local offices of the National Weather Service, the agency reported on Wednesday.

The search resumed on Wednesday for a five-year-old boy after he was swept from his mother’s arms when they were forced to escape their vehicle which had become trapped in floodwaters.

“He was calm. He was trying to say, ‘Stay calm, Mom,” Brian Doan, the boy’s father, told the Los Angeles Times. “She was doing her best.”

More lives have been lost in the storms than in the past two years of wildfires in California.


California National Guard joins search for 5-year-old

The California National Guard has joined the search for Kyle Doan, the 5-year-old who was swept away by flood waters in San Luis Obispo County on Monday.

Over 100 members of the national guard have already been sent to the area to assist the county Sheriff’s Department, according to the official Twitter account of the service.

“Soldiers with the 270th Military Police Company are en route to aid San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department with their search of missing 5-year-old Kyle Doan. Over 100 Cal Guard members are already on the scene aiding the search efforts,” the Guard wrote on Twitter.

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Sacramento’s iconic tree canopy turns destructive in storms

On a good day, the sun shines in California’s capital city — and elms, pines, oaks and hundreds of other tree varieties fill Sacramento‘s parks and line streets, fortifying the city’s reputation as the “City of Trees.” But on a bad one, violent winds knock some of the trees down, causing damage to cars, homes and power lines.

That’s what happened in recent weeks as the defining feature that’s normally seen an asset to the city has given way to destruction and disruption as multiple “ atmospheric rivers “ ripped through Northern California, bringing intense winds and rain.

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Surfers out and about in floodwaters

Some people were spotted surfing in the floodwaters at Fort Funston in San Francisco as atmospheric river storms hit California.

Christian Ibarra surfs in a flood at Fort Funston in San Francisco

(Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Jose Martin surfs in a flood at Fort Funston in San Francisco

(Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Jose Martin surfs in a flood at Fort Funston in San Francisco

(Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

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Storm struck California scrambles to clean up ahead of rain

Storm-ravaged California scrambled to clean up and repair widespread damage on Wednesday as the lashing rain eased in many areas, although the north could see thundershowers Wednesday and another powerful weather front was expected to hit the state Friday.

At least 17 people have died in the storms battering the state. The figure is likely to rise, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday during a visit to the scenic town of Capitola on the Santa Cruz coast that was hard hit by high surf and flooding creek waters last week.

Brian Melley and Christopher Weber report.

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Video: Trapped motorist rescued from floodwater in California desert city of Palm Springs

Trapped motorist rescued from floodwater in California desert city of Palm Springs

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Storms come for the royals

The Montecito Fire Department urged residents to immediately leave their homes on Monday after heavy rain deluged the area from the early hours, with worse to come this afternoon and evening. The fire department later tweeted that their website had crashed due to heavy traffic.

The National Weather Service reported that at least eight inches of rain fell over 12 hours, with several more inches predicted as the storm system swept through the area of wooded hillsides and secluded large homes.

Santa Barbara emergency officials subsequently issued a shelter in place warning for those not already evacuated, advising them to go to innermost room or high ground.

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When will the rain end in California?

California is expected to receive more rainfall on Saturday with downpours continuing to next week, according to forecasters, as the lashing rain eased in many areas, although thunderstorms led a new atmospheric river into the northern half of the state.

The plume of moisture lurking off the coast stretched all the way over the Pacific to Hawaii, making it “a true Pineapple Express,” the National Weather Service said.

The latest rains were expected to impact only Northern California, giving the south a break until more wet weather arrives by the weekend.

People can expect a little respite from rain after the first half of the next week, forecasters say.

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The silent victims of California’s storms: the homeless

Louise Boyle reports on how one California city planned for a bruising round of storms to impact its unhoused community.

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Residents of remote California canyon airlifted to safety after getting stranded by storms

Officials say that around six residents of remote Matilija Canyon, about 70 miles northwest of Los Angeles, had become trapped there when roads became impassable.

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Parents describe horror of losing missing 5-year-old child Kyle Doan in California floods: ‘Hug your kids extra hard’

The boy went missing on Monday, when his mother, Lindsy Doan, was driving the kindergartener to Lillian Larsen Elementary School, where Ms Doan also works as a special education teacher.

Her route took her through the intersection of San Marcos Road and Wellsona Road, near a creek swollen with flood waters, the Los Angeles Times reports. The family said the intersection wasn’t properly marked for nearby hazards, and fast-moving waters swept the Doans’ car into a nearby tree.

Brain Doan, Lindsey’s husband, told the paper his wife unbuckled their son and the pair climbed out of the sinking car.

“He was calm. He was trying to say, ‘Stay calm, Mom,” he said. “She was doing her best.”

More details in our full story.

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