It’s official, there are no more Canon EF lenses being made. That’s why Canon has brought its RF mount to its cine CN-R series of prime lenses.

DIYP spoke to Jack Adair about the new lineup that fills the gap aimed specifically at Canon’s EOS R range of mirrorless cameras.

The lineup comprises 7 prime lenses: 14, 20, 24, 35, 50, 85 and 135mm. Jack explains that these lenses are built specifically for video, so they would be better paired with the EOS R5c, for example.

Cine versus Photography lenses

So why might you want to switch to a dedicated cine lens as opposed to a more general photography lens when both work just as well?

As Jack explains, the Cine line of lenses is designed for shooting video. The focus ring is compatible with follow focus tools, and they work in the video standard of T stops as opposed to the F stops of the photography world.

They communicate electronically with the R series of cameras and also include distortion-minimising data. You also get much greater control over focus peaking and Canon’s dual pixel alignment with a cine lens when shooting video.

Price and availability

The Canon RF cine line is available for preorder. Individual lenses will start from $3950.

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