Canon has released firmware updates for three of their DSLRs. Now, don’t get too excited, as there are no new major features. The new firmware updates simply enhance security when sending images from your camera to The updates come as changes being applied to the service in July 2023 that would cause an error on the affected cameras should their users choose not to update.

The three cameras to which the new updates apply are the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (buy here), the Canon EOS 6D Mark II (buy here) and the Canon EOS 2000D – AKA Rebel T7/Kiss X90 (buy here). And while the firmware doesn’t bring new functionality, it’s interesting to see that Canon is still supporting their DSLRs, despite there being no clues that Canon plans to announce any new DSLR gear.

Canon 5D Mark IV firmware v1.4.0, 6D Mark II firmware v1.2.0 and 2000D/Rebel T7/Kiss X90 firmware v1.2.0 all have identical release notes, stating:

This firmware change includes the following enhancements:

Enhanced security when sending captured images to
After July 2023, please update to this version when sending images to If you do not update, an error will be displayed when sending images and you will not be able to send images.

I still wouldn’t expect to see any major feature firmware updates for Canon’s DSLRs… ever. And I certainly don’t think we’ll be seeing any new DSLRs. But, it’s nice to see that even though Canon is going full steam ahead with mirrorless cameras, they haven’t completely forgotten about their DSLR customers. Even with a feature as little-used as uploading to, Canon wants to remain that its DSLR users still retain compatibility and aren’t forced to replace their cameras to use the service.

This won’t last forever, but it’s great to see that Canon hasn’t completely given up on DSLRs just yet. The new firmware updates are available to download here:

[via Canon Watch]

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