That was a question from a reporter at the scene.

Mr Hunt responded by saying today was simply the “announcement of an arrival”.

“I think you’ll hear plenty from the Prime Minister this week.

“There will be no shortage of prime ministerial opportunities … throughout all this, he’s just been incredibly important.”

He then emphasised why the arrival of the vaccine is a huge deal, though.

“The last year has been a global moon shoot. And in a world of great challenges, geopolitical and other, we can be cynical about how the world is. 

“But the world came together to produce these vaccines. And that’s that global cooperation has done. 

“Our researchers, our administrators, our medical regulator and our health officials.

“Governments have cooperated. So this has been a global project, a global moon shot. And today marks another important milestone. Next week, with the first vaccines, marks an even more important milestone, if that might give you a hint.

“And with those milestones, we give Australians hope and protection.”

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By Charlotte Campbell (Surfer's Paradise)

Charlotte Campbell (Surfer's Paradise)