Access all the editorial images and video you need—in one place. Shutterstock Editorial is your ticket to the world’s biggest moments in sports, entertainment, fashion, royals, breaking news, and more!

Whenever a red carpet is rolled out, Shutterstock Editorial and Live Assignment teams are there. If there’s a major sporting event, our award-winning photographers’ and videographers’ lenses are there to capture it.

The Royals, film festivals, fashion shows, award shows, breaking news, and iconic exclusive archives, we’ve got them covered.

When the world’s most meaningful moments happen, every second counts. That’s where Shutterstock Editorial comes in. We’re there. And our latest launch means you will be too—because your seat just got better (we’re talking front row center).

Announcing Shutterstock’s centralized destination for all editorial images and video. 

What Are Editorial Images and Videos?

First things first. Shutterstock Editorial is comprised of images and videos across News, Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Royals, Archival, and more. The visual content is used to bring a news story, feature article, broadcast, documentary, or other story, to life.

Typically chosen for their ability to add context, emotion, and relevance to written content, you’ll find editorial images in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other media outlets.

Unlike commercial images, editorial images are not typically used for advertising or promotional purposes, but rather to inform and engage the audience and are licensed accordingly as for editorial use only

Alternatively, through our Shutterstock Editorial Rights & Clearance team, it may be possible to use the content in a commercial way.

License these Editorial images via Kevin Parry/Shutterstock, Kevin Parry/Shutterstock, ZHANG Haopeng/ATP/SPP/Shutterstock, Story Picture Agency/Shutterstock (Enterprise only), Story Picture Agency/Shutterstock (Enterprise only), Pierrick Rocher/, Kevin Parry/Shutterstock, ZHANG Haopeng/ATP/SPP/Shutterstock, DNPhotography/ABACA/Shutterstock, ZHANG Haopeng/ATP/SPP/Shutterstock, ZHANG Haopeng/ATP/SPP/Shutterstock, Javier Garcia/Shutterstock, and ZHANG Haopeng/ATP/SPP/Shutterstock.

Your New Editorial Destination

Shutterstock Editorial makes it easy to find what you want, when you want it. It is your home for all things news, sports, entertainment, royals, and more.

All the big moments (and exclusives!)—celebrity weddings, the Oscars, Wimbledon, even The Coronation of King Charles III.

“When you come to Shutterstock Editorial, you will find we have amazing everything,” says Shutterstock’s Vice President of Editorial Candice Murray. “When you’re trying to be the first to report on a breaking story and need content fast, you want to go where you know that content is, where you will find it immediately. That is the goal of the destination we’ve created.”

Now, you can instantly access over 90 million news, sports, entertainment, and archival images and videos (with more than 700,000 new assets added each month) under one roof, with exciting features like:

  • Easy-to-navigate live & breaking news feeds
  • Collections, filters, and predictive search based on your history
  • New ways to subscribe to editorial content 

Screenshot of Shutterstock's Editorial portal
Shutterstock Editorial Packages

All About Shutterstock’s Editorial New Offerings

Millions of images mean nothing if you don’t have easy access to it.

Murray drives that point home, “The LIFE Picture Collection and Condé Nast Archive, it’s some of the most amazing content in the world. We have the exclusive content. We have the amazing contributors. And, now, we have the place where you can actually go find the content you need and license it the way that you want.”

Now, you can not only search, but license editorial images and video by category with the flexibility of two unique packages:

  1. Essential is a monthly package entitling users to two licenses of standard, non-exclusive, and premium content.
  2. Elite is an annual offering which also grants access to exclusive content with enhanced license options.

Or, you can always shop à la carte.

From there, choose your own adventure with these categories: 

  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Splash by Shutterstock
  • Archival 

Want to explore outside of your monthly or annual arrangement? We’ve got you.

“With our competitors, when you opt into a specific category or license package, the only content you see when you’re logged in is what’s included in the chosen package. We’re going to be very clear about what’s included, but if you search for something where we have content in both your chosen package and also in another collection, and available for a la carte licensing, you will see both—under one account.

“We’re trying to make it super-easy—and that’s a big differentiation.”

Ready to say “lights, camera, action” to Shutterstock Editorial?  

License this cover image via DNPhotography/ABACA/Shutterstock.

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