Feat. The Offspring.

Think you’re pretty smart, surfer boy? Ok, what is the oldest and longest continually run professional surf contest in the world? WRONG! It is not, in fact, the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach that takes place every easter in Torquay, Australia but rather the 60-year-and-counting East Coast Surfing Championships which calls Virginia Beach, United States of America.

And the ECSC just yesterday received a tax payer shot in the arm with VB’s city council voting to pitch $750,000 and this years festivities set to take place August 21 – 28.

“It’s a dream come true,” Dee Nachnani, owner of Coastal Edge surf shop, told The Virginian-Pilot after being told of the cash infusion.

“I’m overwhelmed,” added Tony Pellino, chairman of the event. “This is just an amazing opportunity for the city.”

But imagine with me, if you will, a whole new crop of east coast American surfers being supported, financially, by their local governments. Imagine how they will flourish not having to worry about “jobs” or “work” and instead focusing on rail and air games. Imagine a red, white and blue challenge to Brazil’s utter dominance.

Oh say can you see?

In any case, some of the money might be going to secure musical acts for the week as opposed to professional surfer development. Shows during the week of revelry used to be free but now tickets will be sold and the tax payer will recoup 25% of the revenue.

The Offspring have been locked as performers with others to be announced soon.

The Offspring were my least favorite group from surfing’s golden era of pop-punk.

Which was yours?

Also, with this news, is flim-flam World Surf League CEO Erik Logan going to go on a tour of American municipalities and sing and dance for dollars?