It’s been a while since I’ve released any Capture One content, but I’m pleased to end the hiatus with this new video. Earlier in the summer I spent some time in New York City and I took various photos while there, although I’ve been a little behind in editing them. As part of the trip, we spent some time in Brooklyn and I got some good shots, but I am only getting around to properly editing them now. I thought this might make a good video, so I recorded a session of editing 4 of these using Capture One.

In this video, I make use of a number of Capture One editing techniques, starting with the basics, and then building up the edits with layers. It’s a fairly long video and I go off on a few tangents, but I think it might be educational if you follow along. Think of it more like a sort of podcast!

If you want to see the finished results, I’ve posted the images below.

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