This week’s broadcast of Eye on Travel is from Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu. Peter has all the travel updates — the latest on airfares zooming in the U.S. and the number of people expected to fly…can the system handle it? And some good news about the power of the U.S. dollar overseas. Then Peter drills down deeper on tourism to Hawaii. Peter Ingram, CEO of Hawaiian Airlines, on how the airline has been expanding after the pandemic (and how it continues to be the most on time airline in America). John De Fries, CEO of the Hawaiian Tourism Authority, on how to manage tourism responsibly, and how he defines the future of sustainable tourism. And professional surfer (and surf God) Jamie O’Brien, on the magic and power of North Shore waves and the seduction of surfing Pipeline. Finally, Peter chats with Jessica Munoz, the founder of Ho’ola Na Pua, an amazing Hawaii-based foundation dedicated to ending child trafficking, and how visitors to the islands can help in this important work. There’s all this and more on this edition of Eye on Travel.

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