“More so-called political correctness gone mad for the one percent.” 

Surfing’s first transsexual competitor Sasha Jane Lowerson has come out swinging on day one of the Western Australian state longboard titles, almost tripling the score of one of her fellow competitors.

Sasha Jane Lowerson, a forty-four-year-old Fly-In-Flight-Out worker in Australia’s lucrative mining biz, was one of Australia’s leading male longboarders before transitioning a couple of years ago and joining the women’s div.

“Trans-girls aren’t going to take over the world, we just want to be included, we’re humans too,” Lowerson told AAA. “I’ve been hiding in this male shell up… for 42 years. To still be made to be that guy that I’m not, it’s shattering,”

The “FIFO Queen” who is a “Rope Access Level 3 Painter & Blaster” up there in the wild north-west, has written about the struggle of being a gal in the rough and tumble game of mining.

“We arrive at site to sometimes be the only girl in our work crew. The challenges we face can be hard and sometimes feel like this isn’t worth it. But we get up and do it all over again and again day in day out. So to all the other strong women out there that live this life also I applaud you all and at the end of your shift today look yourself in the mirror and say ‘thank you!’”

Very inspirational, and I mean it ‘cause I like my trannies, the elfin faces, the flashy sexpot outfits, the way they like to catch ‘emselves in reflections so they can admire their irresistible new visions, the service pistol tucked between legs, sometimes operable, sometimes no.

Not everyone is so in thrall.

On a Facebook thread of Steve Del Rosso, the very good Western Australian surfboard shaper, opinion was a ninety-five-five split against, at least in my estimation.

Del Rosso’s opening gambit.

“I would like to know peoples opinions here but I am watching men dress up as women and competing in women divisions. As far as I am concerned if they still have balls they have no right as they are still a man. Sorry to say that but that’s how it is. That’s saying all man can dress as a woman and compete in lady’s divisions. The Eastern Europeans got banned from having to much testosterone in there systems in the 80’s. So now does that mean women can cheat and get high levels of testosterone to compete with these men saying they are women.”

The response.

“To me it’s easy if any sport has balls, have gender division & they can compete against each other. A male is born with more testosterone & shouldn’t compete against naturally born females.”

“More so called political correctness gone mad for the 1 percent.”

“Yeh it’s bullshit. I see it in a work environment too, we are built the way we are born. Men are way stronger muscle wise unless you a woman Russian weight lifter on the roids and women aren’t I watch them trying to swing sledgehammers at work. Women hold their own though can handle more pain than men, like to see a man try having a baby we carry on like we’re dying when we got the flu. Yeh 3 divisions the go the WSL would love that, then they can get more money off the government for having the events like they do with hitting the Tourism angle.”

“I don’t understand the rationale or the threshold that Surfing WA uses to determine Open ‘women’ division. Surely not it’s not biological?!?”

“I was down there today watching a bloke dressed a woman surfing against girls it was fucked up I had spew in my mouth.”

And so on until brave Lucy Small, the Sydney-based longboard and feminist, grabbed the mic.

(Lucy you’ll remember from Dirty Water. Over the course of an hour or thereabouts, we all agreed that white men are the worst and we recalled with gusto the wonderful Valerie Solanas and her Society for Cutting Up Men, SCUM.)

“I competed against Sasha a few months ago and we welcomed her to the womens division. Posting this is horrific and harmful and this issue seriously just doesn’t even have anything to do with you Steve.”


“What is just as infuriating is that all the men commenting here and saying this type of thing are operating under the assumption that because someone grew up biologically male they are automatically better than everyone in the womens division. This says less about it being unfair and more about your sexist attitude toward womens performance level in surfing.”