Florida Surfing

Florida SurfingTo a lot of surfers, Florida has been known to have one of the world’s best breaks. Like other surf spots around the world, Florida names its surf breaks after nearby landmarks or some unique or oceanographic features.

Some famous Florida surf breaks are:

    • Sebastian Inlet – This is located south of Cocoa Beach, the East Coast’s own “Surf City”. It has the state’s most consistent surf, thus it is always filled with people. There is a definitive order on the north side of the jetty at a place called “First Peak”. The best and most competitive surfers and a descending hierarchy on the breaks just to the north (Second Peak and Third peak) can be found here.


    • Spanish House – This is another great local break as you go to the north, but just like in Sebastian, this spot is usually crowded even on days when the surf is just fair.


    • Cocoa Beach – This is home to six-time world champ Kelly Slater, and Ron Jons – the world’s most famous surf shop. Its own allure consists of smaller crowds and mellower waves, perfect for longboarders. It is also the site of many local contests including the Easter Surf Festival.


    • New Smyrna Inlet – Found on the North of Carnaveral, it is the South Side of the famous Ponce de Leon or “Ponce” Inlet. Smyrna’s waves are very suitable for trick riding or hot-dogging. It is known locally as “the wave magnet”.


    • Ponce Inlet – This competes with Sebastian Inlet as Florida’s premiere surf spot. Great crowds are usually gathered in this spot because of its great waves.


    • Daytona Beach – The Main Street Pier – Daytona Beach’s best break – is a good winter destination, but check with the local surf report first before heading out.


    • Flagler Beach – This is the place to go after a cold front rolls through and the wind clocks around from the south. It kicks up near-perfect waves, rivaling those of Sebastian and Ponce.


  • Palm Beach’s Reef Road – This is the most famous surf break at the south of Sebastian Inlet. It can achieve true “big wave” status and can max out at 15 feet.

When it comes to Surfing, Florida has a lot to offer. Whether you are a surfer or just a beach lover, you will surely have a wonderful time.