Gold, Ambiance (Expert), Massimo Giorgetta


The organizers of the Galathéa Festival have announced the results of the show’s photo and video competition. The winners were unveiled during an awards ceremony in Hyères, southeastern France, on November 18th. Italian photographer Alessandro Grasso was the winner of the photography grand prize.

The winning photos were divided into the following categories: Ambiance (expert and amateur), Macro (expert and amateur), Series of Three Images (expert and amateur), Wrecks, Mediterranean, Marine World, Impact of Human Pollution. The jury’s favorites and the Tridents d’or Academy Prize were also awarded. Italian shooters Pasquale Vassallo charied the photo jury panel, which was rounded out by Frenchmen Philippe Leurs and Francois Scorsonelli.

Check out the beautiful winning images below. And don’t forget that the DPG Masters Underwater Imaging Competition is currently accepting entries in eight categories, with a prize pool of some $75,000 worth of gear and trip prizes. The deadline is not far away—December 1st—so submit your entries today!


Grand Prize Winner and Gold, Macro (Expert), Alessandro Grasso


Series of Three Images (Expert), Christine Bossé


Series of Three Images (Expert), Christine Bossé


Series of Three Images (Expert), Christine Bossé


Gold, Wrecks, Jean-Baptiste Cazajous


Jury Favorite, Claudio Zori


Jury Favorite, David Pleuvret


Gold, Mediterranean, Stefano Scortegagna


Gold, Impact of Human Pollution, Nicholas Samaras


Tridents d’or Academy Prize, Nicholas Samaras

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