Renting or Buying?

Once you’ve decided on your wedding style and what you want to wear on your wedding day, the next big question is choosing whether to rent or buy. Both options have their benefits and should be considered; the biggest factors to think about are how much you (and your groomsmen) are willing to invest on attire and if you’re looking for a less traditional option.

Renting is a popular choice for weddings and with good reason! Renting is budget-friendly plus it’s preferable for groomsmen who already own several suits and don’t want to add another one to their wardrobe. Rentals ensure it’s easy to find a great option that flatters the whole wedding party; thanks to the wide range of sizes available, it’s simple to find a great fit for everyone. They also tend to emphasize styles that are timeless and look best on a wide range of clientele.

The biggest advantage of rentals? It’s a package! Rentals include everything you need for your look, including your suit/tuxedo, shirt, vest, shoes, tie, and all of the finishing touches. Unlike assembling your own outfit, you won’t have to worry about finding cufflinks and pocket squares (unless you want to add your own), it’s all there. Larger rental companies typically offer their vests, cummerbunds and ties in dozens of colours so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect colour to compliment your colour palette and the bridesmaid dresses! With an easy pickup and drop off process, it’s always convenient and easy.

Looking forward to wearing that special suit again in the future? Buying your wedding attire is a smart idea if you like the option of wearing the suit again or if you’d welcome a reason to add a new suit to your closet. If you have a unique look in mind, retail offers a wider selection of styles, including trendier options and colours, slimmer cuts, and the ability to get more tailoring done to get a flawless fit. While this can be a larger financial investment, don’t rule it out even if you’re on a tighter budget – there are fantastic options available at every price point. You’d be surprised by some of the great options available at entry-level prices! If you are going the purchase route, look at a few options for bespoke suiting as well; it’s your big day, consider investing in something made just for you.

Don’t forget that as the groom, you can select something different from the groomsmen! If they would strongly prefer to rent but you want to purchase your suit, that’s okay. As long as the styles are complementary, the wedding party will still look cohesive and stylish.

Remember to start thinking about the men’s attire several months before the wedding day so your options aren’t limited. While it’s possible to do a last-minute rental, you’ll be at the mercy of availability, especially during the summer and early autumn wedding season. Plan to do at least a couple of trips. Once just as a couple to narrow down the options you like (it’s easier without commentary from the peanut gallery) and again with the wedding party to try them on.

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