GWAR Help Fan Find Prosthetic Leg after Crowdsurfing

Crowd-surfing can be dangerous, but sometimes the performers are willing to help their audiences. At a recent show in Los Angeles, GWAR helped a crowd-surfing fan recover their prosthetic leg after it went missing. According to Consequence, concert attendee Baron Vidar rode across the audience and made it to the stage, where he told the band members about his lost limb. After hearing about this, the band stopped the show until the leg was returned to Vidar.

“Not the first (or last) time someone lost a body part in the GWAR pit,” the band posted on Instagram. “This time it was just caught on video.”

To celebrate the tour that this show is a part of, GWAR shared an NFT collection that can be redeemed with an exclusive QR code. The pieces of the collection range from $20 to $250, with each tier becoming less obtainable as it becomes more expensive: there are 250 available of the $20 ones and only 10 of the $250 ones available. 

Right before dropping the NFTs, the band continued their longstanding dramatic tradition of “killing” the president on stage — a tradition that they’ve been carrying out since Reagan was in office. In October, Biden became the seventh sitting president that the band “decapitated” with a man impersonating him. Even when they behead politicians on stage, the band is sure to protect the fans off stage. 

Photo Credit: Brett Padelford