Cheyne Horan. Dane Kealoha. Shane Beschen. Taj Burrow… History is littered with stories of surfers who should’ve won a World Title and didn’t. Jordy Smith is the most glaring example from today. But it’s not over yet (just in 2020). In this dazzling short film from cinematography magician Morgan Maassen, we see the juxtaposition between Jordy the heat-seeker and Jordy the free-freaker. And you know what? There’s really not that much difference, which can mean only one thing: After more than a decade and counting on the CT, no one deserves the World Title more than this South African.

“Jumping from Hawaii to South Africa to Indonesia this last year, I witnessed Jordy push his surfing to another level as he paired his talent with his insane personal drive,” says Morgan. “Being court-side to him surfing was like running with the bulls, witnessing a display of raw power and energy only so few have ever achieved athletically.”

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