Two exceptional South African women are set to represent the country at this year’s World Adaptive Surfing Championship in Huntington Beach, USA, one of the globe’s most renowned surfing meccas.

Noluthando Makalima and Michele Macfarlane, both single mothers living with disabilities, have discovered profound joy and personal strength through the invigorating sport of surfing.

Macfarlane who is visually impaired, and Makalima, who was born with cerebral palsy, have conquered the waves, earning an invitation to participate in the prestigious global competition this coming November.

These inspiring women embody resilience, determination and the joy of surfing, but their journey to the big meet at the end of the year is not without its hurdles, both physical and financial.

Substantial resources are needed for the two legendary lasses to make their invitations to the World Champs a reality, including travel expenses, accommodation, specialised equipment, and professional coaching.

Since the invitation to compete at this exciting event, Macfarlane and Makalima have reached out to the compassionate Cape Town community and beyond, seeking support to bridge the financial gap and fulfil their dreams of representing South Africa.

The two passionate surfers’ partnership is truly unique. They often travel and compete together, navigating an ableist world by supporting each other in and out of the water. Macfarlane pushes Makalima in her wheelchair, while Makalima acts as her surfing buddy’s ‘eyes’, guiding their path through the waves.

Through supporting each other, there really is nothing we can’t accomplish.

To help assist Makalima and Macfarlane on this one-in-a-lifetime journey, visit their crowdfunding campaigns via the links and be a part of the extraordinary adventure. Viva South Africa! Viva these tenacious women, viva!


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