Dr. Paul Hetzel wasn’t always a landscape & nature photographer. He retired from a medical oncology practice in Springfield, MA, and found his second calling.

He and I talked about the power of printing one’s own photography and how he has found a wonderful group of fellow photographers in the Photo Arts Xchange, an event hosted by Connecticut photographer, Steve Sherman.

Another important point that Dr. Hetzel makes in our chat is the importance of looking in one’s own backyard for “travel” photography. In other words, you don’t have to travel too far to make great photographs.

What challenges Dr. Hetzel the most as a photographer? What can make or break an image? Listen to the podcast below to find out!

Interview With Nature & Landscape Photograher

Photographers & Events Mentioned

Here are the links to some of the photographers and events mentioned in the podcast:

Sample Of Paul Hetzel’s Portfolio

Landscape & Nature: John Day Fossil Beds

Landscape & Nature: Pemaquid Point Slo Mo Surf

Landscape & Nature: Pink Sunset Valley Of Fire

Landscape & Nature: Spring Flood Oxbow

Sunset Mono Lake Glamour Glow

Speaking of landscape photography, years ago, I hosted a guest blog post by Brett Stoddart about being an Urban Landscape photographer. Check that out.

Paul Hetzel’s Camera Gear

Nikon D850 [Affiliate Link]

Sony RX10 III [Affiliate Link]

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