Welcome to the 12th installment of the Late Drop – The Big Wave podcast. The series was created to showcase conversations with some of the best big-wave surfers in the world — hosted by one of the best big-wave surfers in the world. New episodes will drop on Surfline each week — upcoming guests include Brian Keaulana, Ross Clark-Jones and others.  Stay tuned here for more.

If you’re a big-wave surfer — and, a big-wave surfer from Cape Town, South Africa — it’s not about quantity; it’s about quality. Because, when it takes something, like, 50 hours to get to a place where the swell’s going to flex, be it Jaws, Nias, or Mullaghmore…yeah, you’ve got to be discerning. Precise. Surgical. Meet Cape Town’s Matt Bromley. He’s the guy that shows up on his own after a three-day flight and bags the wave of the day, chipping in from some lineup spot 10 yards deeper than the pack. Not long after a quick bout with COVID, he sat down with Jamie Mitchell in the latest episode of The Late Drop.

*Also, see below for his latest exclusive edit where he tackles the swell of the decade in Durban.


0:00: Run of recent big swells in South Africa, Getting sick with COVID, Recent Dungeons session, Growing up in Cape Town, Being a swimmer/water polo

14:57: Growing up, surfing Cape Town during childhood, Going to Hawaii staying with Benji Brand, Attraction to slabs/big tubes, Making big waves/training a career, Challenges with travel of being a Saffa big wave free surfer

32:14: South African inspirations/mentors in big wave surfing, Experience at Dungeons, Great Whites, Twiggy’s expertise, Dangers of big waves with kelp, Red Bull Dungeons Event

49:22: Comparing Dungeons to other big wave breaks, Cape Town’s Sunset break, Towing vs paddling in South Africa

59:33: That Nias swell, Manifesting talent in big waves, Feelings about end of the WSL BWWT

1:22:01: Matt’s 5-to-Finish Questions


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