Little Dume Surf Report

Little Dume Surf Report

If you are going to surf Little Dume (Malibu), you need a good reliable Little Dume surf report.  There are a number of California surf reports, both free and paid. Ironically, the best Little Dume surf reports are FREE. publishes the newest and most easily understood graphics. Click on the text link under the embed map. If you are just beginning, scroll to the bottom of the page for a link that will take you to our understanding surfing reports page.

Having advanced information at your fingertips can play a big role in the planning of surf opportunities and allows the modern surfer to manage their time efficiently. With surfing conditions in constant change from one day to the next, the insights provided through surf forecasting proves invaluable to the surfer whose days in the water are limited. Time is money… and time is perhaps what you need to have a positive surfing experience. Study so you don’t waste your time. As any surfer will tell you…

New surfers should only concentrate on the three main areas which will provide you with the most valuable and important snippets of information. These bits of information only become valuable to you when you can relate what you see on the screen to what you see on the beach.  Later you can get the more detailed surf reports. Little Dume Surf Report from

Little Dume Beach is in a small east-facing cove near Point Dume in Malibu. It’s popular with surfers when conditions are right, but otherwise is just a scenic beach walk below steep bluffs and multi-million dollar mansions. The only direct access to Little Dume is via a path that begins on Whitesands Place. Unfortunately this gated access is private and only for the nearby residents. The good news is that the public portion of the beach (i.e. below the mean high tide level) can be accessed by anyone willing to walk from Paradise Cove Beach or from Big Dume Beach at Point Dume State Park. The land above Little Dume Beach is privately-owned and has it’s own rules.

Big Dume Beach a.k.a. Dume Cove Beach is the main beach at Point Dume State Beach in Malibu, CA. Dume Cove’s crescent-shaped beach faces southeast from the east side of Point Dume. Access to the beach is via a walk across a small bluff-top natural preserve and down a long steep staircase. The trails in the preserve begin here and ascend to the high point above Point Dume, loop around the bluff, and also head directly to Big Dume Beach. After you descend the stairway to the beach in Dume Cove you can walk east to Little Dume Beach and beyond to Paradise Cove. Along the way are excellent tide pools if you are here at lower tides. Because of the high vantage point, Point Dume is a popular whale watching spot during the gray whale migration February through April.

Guests of residents who are looking for the private gate, turn off Pacific Coast Highway onto Zumirez Drive then immediately go straight onto Wildlife Drive. Follow this road to where it ends and loops back on what is called Whitesands Place. The unsigned wooden gate is at the approximate coordinates 34.01239, -118.79474 (according to Google Maps). Using street-view on Google Maps you can locate the gate (we have provided a picture to help identify it). Do not disturb the adjacent homeowners or trespass on any nearby properties.

Non-residents must walk on the sand from adjacent beaches to see Little Dume Beach. Both Point Dume and Paradise Cove are close by so public access is fairly easy, but you must pay to park at those locations.