John Griffin, long remembered for helping establish the pro surf tour as we know it today and who with surfing legend Dick Catri brought thousands of spectators to Cocoa Beach on Easter weekend for more than two decades with their wild ideas, has died.

Griffin and his brother, Gunnar, were the vital cogs for the popular Wave Rider magazine in the ’60s and ’70s, but overseeing the East Coast Pro Tour and organizing pro events at Sebastian Inlet that brought in world-class surfers from all around the globe was Griffin’s biggest stake in the sport.

Griffin also was part of the first IPS/WSL World Pro Tour Championship in the ’70s, a project that began with legends such as Fred Hemmings and Randy Rarick.

The East Coast Pro Tour was a branch of the APS (America Pro Surfers), which eventually has morphed into today’s World Surf League.

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