Growing up, my sister and I owned a very fake (but incredibly helpful) business called The Yellow Door House of Help. The name was inspired by our ridiculously glam office space… the closet of a basement playroom which, you guessed it, had a yellow door.

I guess you could say business has always been engrained in my soul. Though I’m no longer helping my mom (who was pretending to be a client LOL) plan a trip to The Bahamas and my business name is no where *near* as cool these days… I’m so excited to share this space with you! I’ve never had a real office before and I think the only thing it’s missing now is a yellow closet door… JK.

But first, the *transformation* !!! I walked into this room and knew it had potential but it’s definitely so crazy to look back now and see how far we’ve come…

Now it makes me genuinely excited to work because I get to be in a happy little room with everything I love… natural light and plants <3 A little white paint didn’t hurt either. (Painting the beams white was theee million dollar question and every friend had a different opinion BUT I love it I love it I think we made the right call!)

I have *faithfully* watered these plants, determined to depart from my plant killing fame, and I’m happy to report: so far so (kinda) good.

 I’ve never had a swivel office chair and now I spend my days twirling around in circles killing my efficiency…

Got this couch on Craigslist for $75 and nope I’m still not over it!!! Read up here for the full story and my treasured Craigslist secrets.

 Aaand I must inform you I drilled those little hooks up into that beam myself! Making Alan Raush proud.

I’ve been debating getting some really simple art to hang on the wall behind my desk (thoughts?) and I’m still on the hunt for a bookshelf with drawers for all my paperssss… but it’s a great start and one I really love spending time in. 🙂 Here’s hoping I can keep the plants alive!


Sources: Desk, Desk Chair, Hanging Rattan Chair, RugFloor Lamp, Print, Macrame Planter, Geometric Planters, Mini Hanging Lantern, Banana Leaf Watercolor Pillow, Striped Pillow, Macrame Pillow, Basket, Watering Can

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