Malibu Surfing

Malibu SurfingYou probably have an image of Malibu formed from movies and TV shows. You are reminded of long piers, surfers, and swimmers on unending beaches. You even know that movie stars, musicians, and rock stars all have big villas and beach front pads in the shores of Malibu.

In reality, though, Malibu is primarily a residential and recreation area. Despite its very few hotels, it is still host to millions of visitors annually who wish to see the breathtaking views at the beach. The historic Malibu pier is a famous spot that offers visitors and locals a perfect view of the ocean. It is in piers like this where you see the picturesque waters, great dining, and offers vacationers unique experiences. Other Malibu beaches are known for popular activities such as swimming, boogie-boarding, Fishing, bicycling, and of course, Surfing.

Malibu is known for its captivating views and two main beaches. It also gets recognition for the Malibu Creek State Park and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area that adorn its landscape. Visitors to this Southern California city are always in for a great ride.

The name Malibu has become synonymous with Surfing. It is even considered as one of the best surf spots in the world. Its year round great weather and huge waves make this place a Surfing Mecca. When it comes to Surfing in Malibu, the first beach that comes to mind is the Surfrider Beach. A wide range of beach activities are done here. Whether you are into Surfing, Kayaking, or Diving, Surfrider Beach has something for everyone.

Another popular beach is Zuma located a short distance away where it is said that the surf is a little wilder and the beach seems to attract more people. Further down the shoreline are less traveled beach areas where you can go if you want to get away from the crowd at the more populated spots. There is definitely plenty of sand for sun bathing and other beach activities here.

In Malibu, there is definitely no shortage of fine homes, great food, and exciting water sports. It’s now all up to you to choose where you want to go. Yes, Malibu really has all these amazing features and more.