Nanlux is teasing a new LED light today. It’s the Evoke 2400B, and while there many details or specifications available for the new light other than the name, there are some things we can figure out from that name. For a start, this will be the most powerful Nanlux LED light to date, with a light output of 2400 Watts. It’ll also be a bi-colour LED light, as denoted by the “B” at the end of the name.

Fortunately, we don’t just have the name to go on. Nanlux has released a video to go along with the image above, which confirms the power output, bicolour status and reveals a little (very little) more information. The bicolour range – which isn’t specified – features green/magenta adjustment. At’s also IP55 rated for use in more extreme weather conditions.

While there aren’t any other specs revealed in the video besides the green/magenta adjustment and the IP55 rating, I expect it’ll follow a similar set of features to the Nanlux Evoke 1200B (buy here). For that light, the bicolour range is 2700-6500K with CRI and TLCI ratings of 96 and 97, respectively. So, I think we can assume this light will match that. The 1200B is also dimmable from 0-100% in 0.1% increments, so I imagine we’ll see a similar level of control wit the 2400B, too.

One difference we can see between the Evoke 1200B and the Evoke 2400B are the sockets on the back. The 48v power requirement of the 1200B has been bumped up to 96v – which isn’t much of a surprise. Double the power output is going to require double the power input. There are also a couple of LAN sockets, presumably for remote control.

The rear of the Evoke 1200B

The rear of the Evoke 2400B – Composited from frames in the video

Given the extra width required to handle the two extra sockets, the Evoke 2400B will be significantly larger than the Evoke 1200B. Again, this isn’t much of a surprise. It will likely require larger heatsinks and larger, more powerful fans in order to help keep it running cool under use, especially at higher powers.

DIYP has spoken to Nanlux about the Evoke 2400B, who said that the light is still in the tuning stages, hence the lack of specs. They also said that a prototype of the Evoke 2400B will be on display at Cinegear Expo in Los Angeles next month for people to check out in person.

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