New KelbyOne Course: Creating Photorealistic Images Using Midjourney AI & Photoshop with Ramtin Kazemi

Get up to speed on creating photorealistic images using AI! You’ve undoubtedly seen examples of images being generated using Artificial Intelligence, and now’s your chance to learn the basics and start exploring the possibilities. Join Ramtin Kazemi as he takes you through all the steps for getting started with the Midjourney platform, from downloading software through creating your account, to the basics of using prompts to generate your own images and bringing them into Photoshop for final touches. The foundation you’ll learn in this class can then be applied to any of the other AI-based platforms coming online for generating images based on your imagination.

In Case You Missed It: Creating The Ultimate Handheld Panorama with Ramtin Kazemi

Learn how to capture and create the ultimate handheld panoramic photograph! Join Ramtin Kazemi as he takes you through planning and selecting a location, things to consider in your composition, gear and settings advice, methods for merging the individual frames, adding color, adding depth, and a few special finishing touches to bring it all together. By the end of the course you’ll know exactly what you need to do to create a massive panorama with or without a tripod.

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