“Bunch of muppets.”

Connoisseurs of Instagram accounts belonging to World Surf League executive suite brass will certainly know that rarely, if ever, do fans project negativity in the comments. Hearts, heart eyes, praying hands, hands raising the roof, shakas and thumbs up are regularly employed as the serfs toiling behind the patented Wall of Positive Noise love to let their masters know what a great job they are doing.

But cracks beginning to form?

Yesterday, it was announced that the upcoming Quiksilver/ROXY Pro France would be cancelled due to lack of “appropriate support to make the event financially feasible.”

Professional surfers, who had been relegated to the minor leagues, or Challenger Series, with promises of great fortune down there grew immediately concerned while fans of competitive professional surfing became frustrated.

Jessi Miley-Dyer, Senior Vice President of Tours and Head of Competition, took to Instagram in order to farm some hearts, heart eyes, praying hands etc., writing, “With the cancellation of the Quiksilver Pro France today, I’d like to let you know we will be revising the number of events counting on the Challenger Series Rankings (and for 2023 CT qualification ) from five to four @wsl”

But the normally docile viciously rounded on her instead.

A sampling:


“So disappointing”

“Thumbs down.”

“Super gutted.”

“One of the best most iconic events dumped from the CT and now the CS. Absolute travesty Portugal should have been offed. But WSL Europe is there. It used to be HQ in France. I smell politics.”

“Such a disgrace to every surfer on the challenger series.”

“Bunch of muppets you guys are at wsl playing with your little toys but no ethical approach hidding behind a ‘green business’ lookalike just so hippies leave you alone – pathetic.”

And more.

A peasant revolt in the works?

More as the story develops.