Paradise Cove Surf Report

Paradise Cove Surf Report

Paradise Cove Surf Report

If you are going to surf Paradise Cove (Malibu), you need a good reliable Paradise Cove surf report.  There are a number of California surf reports, both free and paid. Ironically, the best Paradise Cove surf reports are FREE. publishes the newest and most easily understood graphics. Click on the text link under the embed map. If you are just beginning, scroll to the bottom of the page for a link that will take you to our understanding surfing reports page.

Having advanced information at your fingertips can play a big role in the planning of surf opportunities and allows the modern surfer to manage their time efficiently. With surfing conditions in constant change from one day to the next, the insights provided through surf forecasting proves invaluable to the surfer whose days in the water are limited. Time is money… and time is perhaps what you need to have a positive surfing experience. Study so you don’t waste your time. As any surfer will tell you…

New surfers should only concentrate on the three main areas which will provide you with the most valuable and important snippets of information. These bits of information only become valuable to you when you can relate what you see on the screen to what you see on the beach.  Later you can get the more detailed surf reports. Paradise Cove Surf Report from

Paradise Cove in Malibu is a public beach in front of a privately-owned facility by the same name. The property and the restaurant has surfboards all around and the outside seating area has wooden lounge chairs, palm trees, and thatched umbrellas that almost has a Hawaiian feel. Ironically though with all the surfboards around the owners banned surfing for years until the California Coastal Commission forced them to allow it. The CCC also forced the owners to quit charging fees for visitors who park outside the property and walk in to the beach, but they still charge for parking on-site

If you park and are here for under four hours and eat at the Paradise Cove Cafe, the parking fee is cheap or free depending on the day of the week, but all-day parking at any time of the year is quite steep (see the Paradise Cove website for current parking rates). But this is a lovely place and it’s worth the price of admission to use this wide sandy beach with lifeguards, clean facilities, and a private pier.

With such a name you’d expect a pretty stunning spot. It lives up to its name and has even been the setting for many beach scenes in Hollywood movies. Paradise Cove is a great starting point for long beach walks. Heading east you’ll walk below some Malibu mansions and find some private beaches. Heading west you can walk below steep sandstone cliffs all the way to Little Dume Beach and Big Dume Beach in Point Dume State Beach. The entrance to Paradise Cove is clearly signed at the address 28128 Pacific Coast Highway.

How to read a surfing report…