Learning To Photograph Kids

Photographing kids can be challenging. Be that they are your own, or your client’s. You are going to pat yourself on the back when things go right and definitely question your ability (been there, done that) when things start to go south and quickly.

Thankfully, I can lean on some amazing photographers who have made it their life mission to only photograph kids. This is their specialty. So, truly, kudos to them for showing us all that there is a way to go about photographing children.

Who is Tamara Lackey?

One such amazing photographer is Tamara Lackey. One quick look at her website and you know she knows kids. She knows how to read them, interact with them and to photograph them.

And, she knows how to teach you to photograph them in a manner that is authentic to their personalities, too.

Sometime ago, I interviewed Tamara about her organization, Beautiful Together.

One of the organization’s missions is the following:

“We work to identify and complete specific and measurable projects that tangibly improve the lives of orphaned children in the United States and Africa.”

Photographing Kids, © Seshu Photography, Avon, Connecticut

You’ve likely seen her present at conferences or, these days, online. She is a Nikon Ambassador and she has written several books on photographing kids and families –

Books About Photographing Kids

Art of Children’s Portrait Photography, Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography, and Envisioning Family: A photographer’s guide to making meaningful portraits of the modern family.

Just a few weeks ago, Tamara launched a new book, “The Posing Playbook for Photographing Kids,” published by Rocky Nook.

The Rocky Nook Interview

Mercedes Murray of Rocky Nook interviewed Tamara recently about the book. Give that presentation a listen here:

Buy The Book!

For a limited time use this code: PP4PK40 – to get 40% off the price of Tamara Lackey’s new book.

Want to buy it on Amazon instead? Please remember to leave a 5-star review for my friend, Tamara Lackey!

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