Another cracking week of pre-winter waves has kept Cronulla surfers looking for the channel as a maxing 8-10 ft sou-east swell kept pumping all weekend.

Peaking on Saturday morning under a strengthening southerly, it was almost unsurfable early. However, it backed off enough in the afternoon to paddle out the Alley, albeit with a few big sets still rolling in.

Sunday still had solid waves, but Monday saw another kick where it was almost unsurfable everywhere-even at the Cape where all the Ski’s were lining up ready.

Yesterdays 8ft clean offshore conditions were as good as it gets, with the Point, reefs and beaches all having their moments with Solander once again resembling a car park with everyone turning up to have a look or try their best.

Today conditions are perfect for everyone with a 4-5 ft 140 degree’s sou-east swell still delivering awesome waves, although there were many closeouts on the low tide.

The forecast ahead shows this swell will die pretty quickly, leaving us with 1-2 ft waves on Friday until a new sou-west wind rips through and giving us some more 4-6 ft waves on Saturday and cleaner smaller waves on Sunday.

Shane Campbell surfing for Canada.Picture ISA/Ben Reed

Shane Campbell surfing for Canada.Picture ISA/Ben Reed

The 2021 Surf City ISA World Surfing Games unites the world’s best surfers to compete for national pride, Gold Medals, and qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Normally, its competitors are young and hungry pro-am surfers trying to make a name for themselves, but all the stars have turned up to have a go in this Olympic year.

A record number of women have put surfing’s growth on display at the Surf City El Salvador World Surfing Games, with the USA’s Carissa Moore nabbing the event’s first 9-point ride at El Sunzal and Senegal’s Imane Signate displaying the growth of women’s surfing.

Brazil’s Filipe Toledo has kept his momentum going with big aerial manoeuvres on the men’s side – earning a day-high heat total of 17.7.

Cronulla’s Shane Campbell is over there competing for Canada, his father’s birthplace and made a good start on the first day but hit a hurdle in the second round and now has to surf through the repercharge today.

Shane is not alone, though, with Owen Wright also back in the pack with Gabriel Medina and a host of others having to do it the hard way.

Sally Fitz is looking sharp and Steph Gilmore is also still in the main draw-go to to watch the live-action.

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