My guest in Episode #9 of The Love My Dress Podcast is Jessie Westwood of Studio Sorores, the passionate and visionary founder of Studio Sorores, a leading UK wedding and event planning and design company.

Jessie lives in the Cotswolds with her daughter Flora, 11, her son Augustus, 8, her fiance Henry – who will be her husband by the time this episode airs, and their Fox Red Labrador, Jupiter.   

Jessie’s work is highly sought after by discerning couples around the globe, who seek exceptional talent to create the most luxurious and beautiful wedding day experiences.

Jessie is a force to be reckoned with, as anyone lucky enough to know her will contest.  She lives and breaths excellent wedding planning and design. She is smart and intelligent. She is hard working and a true grafter who will be the first to roll up her sleeves when a job needs to be done.

She is stylish, discerning, meticulous when it comes to detail and has impeccable taste in fashion and interiors. She’s a high energy, natural born leader who inspires all those around her. She is kind, loyal, and very funny. She has an infectious sense of humour and knows never to take herself too seriously. 

Outside of wedding planning, Jessie is also a trusted consultant, mentor and brand stylist.
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I’ve been friends with Jessie since March 2000, when our worlds collided as a result of the pandemic.  Jessie and I, along with our friend and colleague Tamryn Settle, worked together to support the wedding industry as it navigated it’s way through the most challenging of times – via a campaign movement that became known as What About Weddings – which many of you listening to this episode will be familiar with.

Jessie truly was the voice of What About Weddings. She gave so much of herself during this time to help other businesses, showing up for countless live TV and radio interviews. It was a truly exhausting commitment that she never once complained about. I will forever be grateful for the bonding, camaraderie and life lessons I gained from working so intimately with Jessie and Tamryn during that time.

I am thrilled to witness Jessie’s business and career thriving wildly beyond what anyone could have ever expected, now that the pandemic is over.

Jessie is quite simply a joy to be around and frankly, I feel it is my duty to share some of her magic with you today. Jessie, welcome to the Love My Dress podcast.

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