Happy Tuesday! Sweeties, immerse yourself in a tale as timeless as love and vibrant as the most dazzling rainbows. With its magnificent architecture and serene ambiance, the elegant BAPS Chino Hills Mandir stood majestically as the backdrop to Apoorva & Adarsh’s ethereal union. Apoorva, adorned in her sumptuous attire, epitomized elegance and grace. Her beauty was further accentuated by the mesmerizing floral arrangements by Deepti’s Florals Designs & Mandaps, which lent a touch of ethereal charm to the atmosphere. Petals whispered tales of romance everywhere you looked, and the meticulously designed Mandaps testified to their solid foundation of love. Events by Sepali ensured every moment was a snapshot of perfection with their impeccable planning and intricate design. As the day transitioned into a starlit evening, the guests found themselves enveloped in the luxurious embrace of the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel & Conference CenterLin & Jirsa Photography captured the essence of this big day. Their photography crystallized every sentiment, each drop of joy, and all the cherished embraces. Enjoy today’s gallery for more details! It’s amazing!

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