Right now, many beaches around the world are closed to surfing due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to stay sane, and connect surfers with the thing they care most about, we’re curating and providing news, information, entertainment and utility while this thing lasts right here. –Ed

There are so many advantages that come with being a pro surfer. One of the less-obvious ones is being able to experience a world-class surfing destination with your teammate, who just happens to The Guy in that zone, giving you the fast track to all the wonderful things the place has to offer, waves included. (All pre-lockdown, of course.) In Ian Crane and Soli Bailey’s case, they got the full-VIP treatment from their host, Jordy Smith, unquestionably the best South African surfer of the past 30 years. And you can bet South Africa’s on the return list once this whole thing is over.

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