How did you meet?

Amber: Mutual friends suggested to me that Dave and I would be perfect for each other. The friends reached out to Dave and said we should meet! Nothing came of it right away, however, Dave reached out to me weeks later and asked to hire me for a marketing project. We met for the first time to work on the campaign and had our first date shortly after. Those same friends played an important role in our love story and on our wedding day!

How long have you been married/together?

Amber & Dave: We have been together since September 2018, and we married on October 8th, 2021.

When did you realize you were in love with your partner? What happened?

Amber: I realized very quickly I loved Dave, we moved as a team immediately. They say, when you know, you know!

Dave: We spent pretty much every day together since our first date, and prior to meeting each other, we talked on the phone every day for two weeks. Our relationship moved quickly. I said I love you within the first three weeks of being together, and we moved in together after dating for only three months. I remember saying I love you for the first time like it was yesterday. She was so patient with me as I worked long hours somehow she just understood me and was there by my side when I needed her most; one night, after a long workday, we went out for sushi, and during dinner, I had to work on a project. She helped me, afterwards we went home and started a fire in our vintage fireplace, and the words I Love you just flowed out of me. She is a regal woman, and I fell in love with her kindness, intelligence, and beauty on our first date.

What are the three most important components of your relationship (i.e.: spirituality, honesty, etc.)?

Amber: Communication is the base of our relationship. We feel comfortable sharing the little thing and the big ones! We are extremely supportive of each others goals and dreams, whatever we can do to be supportive, we do it.

Dave: The most important part of our relationship is not having any toxicity, some people thrive on highs and lows, we thrive together because of how calm and secure we make each other feel, when you truly respect one another, and you don’t leave any room for error.

What sort of routines or traditions do you hold in high regard (i.e. eating dinner together at the table, phones put away, etc.)?

Amber: We make dates a priority. From going for coffee and connecting for an hour to fancier dates. The caliber of date itself is not the point; it’s eliminating distractions, focusing on meaningful conversations, and experiencing something together.

Dave: We make it a priority to travel together, and to experience new things. We both have a love for culinary, art, and site-seeing. Every year, and yes even through Covid, we’ve travelled, we go and explore the world and when we couldn’t travel abroad, we visited random parts of Canada. One of our traditions is we purchase a keepsake, a piece of décor or art to remember that trip.

What is the best piece of relationship advice someone has ever given you?

Dave: You first must love and know yourself, before you can love someone else, you must feel comfortable alone before you truly meet the person you’re meant to be with. People tend to become the person they think their partner wants them to be, being truthful to yourself first is important.

What I Love About Our Closeness Is…

Dave: We have each other, and what I love about our closeness is that our priority is being there for each other. We understand that whatever life may put us through, we are partners, and no matter what, we can depend on each other to be there.

Do you have children? If so, how many?

Amber: We have a beautiful cat named Luna, she is our baby right now!

What was your most meaningful moment of true relationship inspiration?

Amber/Dave: Both of our sets of parents have been together for over 30 years, we are able to learn a lot from them. I believe their relationships have inspired us in many ways.

When you argue, how best do you deal with the issue and not continue to make judgement calls on other issues?

Amber: We focus on communication not just when we disagree, but everyday. I find being clear on your expectations of your partner and visa versa allows you to rarely argue. A relationship that is calm and stable has always been important to me.

Dave: See above

What is our favorite quality about your partner and why?

Amber: Dave is very level headed, I trust the decisions he makes and the way he handles situations. Dave can be the calm voice, but also the most fun person in the room.

Dave: Her intelligence, she’s brilliant, and she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, I’m pretty grateful.

Do you feel that your marriage/relationship has made you a more balanced person?

Amber: I know having Dave in my life has made me more confident and strong person.

Dave: I never thought I would be married, and yet here we are, honestly, it does change the bond, and for someone who didn’t believe that you needed to be married to be a “forever relationship” marriage does create a deeper sense of dedication and commitment to one another.

How do you tie your different perspectives of approaching problems or situations together for the best solution?

Amber: We work hard to see where the other person is coming from. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that almost every story has at least two perspectives that need to be heard.

Dave: Active listening, you truly must put yourself in each others shoes to understand each other perspective. It’s a balance of being open-minded to new ideas, and being true to what you believe in, that’s how you stay authentic to yourself and your partner.

How much does compromise factor into a relationship?

Amber: Fortunately, Dave and I are on the same page in most situations. One of the qualities that I prioritized when looking for a partner was having similar values and goals.

Dave: It’s important, finding someone who has a similar vision, goals, and interest is definitely important, to me comprising comes down to how much you respect each other.

Was it compromise, love or both that has kept you bonded together?

Amber: In every relationship, romantic or otherwise, there are comprises that must be made. However, I believe love and having the same values bonds us.

Dave: Love and being grateful for someone is the ultimate bond, find yourself someone you’re grateful for, and realize that the grass is greener where you water it.

Do you find that the passion and energy of your relationship translates into other things that you do?

Amber: Absolutely, we are each others biggest supporters. We are both creatives and help each other to grow in our respective spaces.

Dave: Most definitely, our energy compliments each other, we keep each other level headed, when I’m down she lifts me up, and vice versa, we rely on each other, and that’s how we find balance.

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The Details

Couple: Amber Pavelich and Dave Pavelich

Wedding Date: October 8th, 2021

How long were you engaged?: One year

Wedding Venue (ceremony): Hycroft Manor, Vancouver, BC

Wedding Venue (reception): Hycroft Manor, Vancouver, BC

Hair and Makeup: Glam Artistry (makeup), Aimee Parker and Gretzie Parth; Elixir Hair Studio (hair), Allana Parks and Madison Steblyk

Bride’s Attire: Conxeppt (getting ready outfits); The White Gallery (wedding dress)

Bridal Party Dresses: Conxeppt (getting ready outfits); Amsale

Groom’s Attire: Conxeppt

Groomsman Attire: Conxeppt

Wedding Planner: Amber Pavelich and Dave Pavelich

Photographer: Blush Photography

Videography: Conxeppt Ventures

Photography Location Spots: Hycroft Manor, Vancouver, BC

Flowers: Justyna Events

Honeymoon Destination: Antigua – Overwater Bungalow

Wedding Resource Material