It’s not especially glamorous, but it’s something that, as photographers and videographers, we all obsess over. That issue is battery power, or often a lack of it. There’s nothing worse than stressing about running out of power in the middle of a shoot.

Don’t worry, Smallrig has come to the rescue with several solutions to our battery problems. Brand Ambassador David Zhou walks DIYP through all the options at IBC2023.

V-mount battery

The newest batteries on offer are an update to the popular VB99. The VB99 Pro allows you to use all outputs at full capacity. It features two USB-C outputs, one USB-A output, and an 18v and 12-volt outputs. That’s a lot of connections!

In terms of durability, the outer casing has been updated to include an aluminium housing. The display is now full colour so that you can see it more easily during a shoot from further back.

The VB99 will essentially triple the battery life of your DSLR or mirrorless camera. That is amazing for event and wedding photographers who might get through several normal batteries in a typical day’s shoot.

You will be able to buy the VB99 Pro soon from $239.

USB-C rechargeable batteries

Smallrig has also launched a series of USB-C rechargeable batteries. In a fetching baby blue, you won’t get them confused with your regular batteries.

But aren’t all camera batteries rechargeable, you ask? Well yes, but usually, you need a dedicated charger. With these innovative new ones, you can simply use a regular USB-C cable, one that you might use for your phone, for example. That makes life so much simpler, particularly for photographers on the road and other people travelling for shoots.

They are available for all the different camera brands, from Canon to Nikon to Fuji and Sony, from $39.99.

NP-F series

Smallrig now makes its own version of the standard NP-F series of batteries. You can use it for your monitors, lights, pretty much anything. Again it has a USB-C port, which you can charge via, or output via to other devices. This means that you can essentially use this as a USB PD power bank should you need to.

These batteries are all available to buy from various retailers or the Smallrig website.

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