• Good-to-Epic surf in Tahiti through the weekend and early next week
  • Fun run of waves for Hawaii’s southern shores this weekend
  • More, slightly bigger swell for Hawaii mid-late next week

The Southern Hemisphere’s been pumping out swells for a few months now (Spring Fling, La Bomba, Margaret River, numerous swells for East Australia, etc.). But the real season-opening signal comes from the South Pacific, more specifically when Teahupo’o starts ringing bells. The ringing will only get louder this weekend as Tahiti goes Solid Red and Gold. For those not familiar with Surfline’s color scale, that basically means Good-to-Epic waves — which basically means big, blue barrels — are on the way.

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Animation showing the strong run of South Pacific swell ahead. 

But the reefs around Teahupo’o aren’t the only breaks that’ll light up as the South Pacific gets busy. The rest of the exposed Polynesian Islands will see a run of surf, as well, including the south shores of Hawaii, where the energy will surge this weekend — and might not let up until next weekend. However, it will be a mere shadow of the show at the End of the Road. Lead Forecaster Jonathan Warren fills us in on the two key zones:

“So far this season, most of the storm action has occurred under Australia and through the Tasman Sea, or over in the eastern half of the South Pacific. From there, the storms can’t send much swell to Tahiti and Hawaii. Heading into May, however, the pattern changed a bit and high pressure moved back over the Tasman Sea. This opened the door for storms spinning out from under New Zealand to move up into the Southwest Pacific, plus the added bonus of an enhanced fetch from the high sends stronger and better-aimed swell at Hawaii and Tahiti. Through the first week of May, the storms have been pouring into the Pacific with a barrage of swells headed for the islands of Polynesia.

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Hawaii’s South Shore will see an extended run (a week or more) of fun surf. Medium kine, but consistent.

The first swell moved into Tahiti earlier this week with solid leftovers in the water on Friday. A second, stronger run of overlapping SW-SSW swells moves in this weekend and holds through early next week with Good-to-Epic conditions expected. Look for well-overhead surf at many spots with the standouts going double-overhead, even pushing triple-overhead on the best sets. And with offshore E/ENE trades blowing throughout, conditions will be excellent.

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Up in Hawaii, the first of the overlapping SSW swells moves in this weekend through early next week. The front end of this run will be mostly fun-size and inviting to all types of boardriders – top spots will offer chest to head-high sets. A slightly stronger round of SSW swell arrives around the middle of next week and should last through Friday. This pulse opens up more breaks — expect chest to head-high surf with the occasional overhead set at the standouts. However, consistency should be above-average this weekend, with excellent conditions thanks to those steady ENE trades.”

Liquid Gold should be on offer at the End of the Road.

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