Some women do it all! Malea Rose is a multi-hyphenate actress, writer, former competitive surfer and now, CEO of her own skincare company, Vie En Rose.

Her brand centers around luxury, anti-aging products formulated with perfect potent ingredients from science + nature such as CBD and Cannarose (her brand exclusive ingredient.) Two of her amazing, cruelty-free products (made in the USA!) are available for purchase today on her website, including the Mile High Ultra-Hydrating Mist, and the Love Potion Beauty Oil.

Thanks to her team at Icon PR, Bridal Fantasy had the distinct pleasure to interview this incredibly talented woman. We know you will love this interview as much as we do!

Q: Thank you so much for taking the time today, Malea. Let’s begin with the obvious question: Why, with so much experience in the entertainment industry, have you decided to delve into the world of organic skincare?

A: You need thick skin in Hollywood. I prefer soft skin. I want to walk the world lightly. Positively. I like this new flow in business, collaborating with amazing people and female founders, getting to run my own company and treat others the way I wish previous bosses had treated me, paying on time! Getting to have conversations with the real globetrotters, not the paper gangsters of the world. Hollywood is not always glamorous – but beauty, wellness, and feeling good is always sexy. I never understand why everyone always thinks you need to stay in “your lane”. We’re all multi-faceted humans with many passions and joys. When I first got to Hollywood, I was a “blonde”, and I played the same one note part, despite being really smart, actually, because blondes were stigmatized as mostly being dumb/party girls. I have fought against assumptions and stigmas my whole life. Skincare is a completely light creative outlet for me, or at least that’s how it started. To heal myself, healing others is an added bonus that I have discovered upon this new path. All of that experience in skincare has lead me to exactly where I am today. I make short stories all the time in different forms than I used to – everything to do with branding is about a voice and and storytelling. I’ll never walk away from the entertainment industry completely, it’s badass to act, write, produce, but it’s also really fulfilling, challenging, and new territory building a company. Especially with the purest of intentions, to bring clean products to the market that heal, deliver results, don’t smell offensive, and are conscious in every single way. My products help dry skin, acne, aging, and pain… how cool is that? I have a few projects I’m still working on, keep an eye out. I believe a woman can never wear too many shoes, quite literally and figuratively.

Q: Bridal Fantasy: How have your connections within the entertainment industry responded to this new endeavor of yours?

A: So beautifully, graciously, warmly. It truly takes support from others, your friends, family, even just hearing testimonials from others sometimes is fuel for an entrepreneur. It takes courage sometimes to ask for advice, support, and help. If you don’t ask though, nothing happens. I never understand why more friends don’t support each other’s businesses. I wont name names, but I can see my unsubscribe email list… A big actress/producer/legend initialed RW did unsubscribe from my newsletter – I don’t know if that makes me cool or not cool… she’s kinda a hero, so I wanted her to be that female supporter… So did this big casting director, I’ll be gracious her name starts with a D, but she was much nicer to me when I was in a very serious relationship with her boss and then dropped me shamelessly when we broke up. Hollywood is such a double edged sword. There’s also the amazing women of Hollywood like the entire cast of The White Lotus and Brittany O’Grady who got me my first write up in GLAMOUR. There are lots of amazing people here in Hollywood as well. I also now know how to smile when I want to scream and “improv” a conversation with a stiff board… everyone should take acting classes. Us women have to have each other’s backs. I just launched a new Vie En Rose candle-line with Flores Lane, an amazing female owned business. The first 2 candles are called Hard Coeur and Naked Flower. After owning my own business, I am so much more thoughtful about supporting my friend’s company’s, local/small businesses, and female entrepreneurs! I believe every job and experience prepares you for the next. I try to remember once I’m at the destination, I will wish I had enjoyed every leg of the journey.

Q: Bridal Fantasy: Let’s talk a little bit more about the specifics of this amazing product. How do you source your ingredients to ensure they are of the highest quality?

A: Meticulous care and attention to every single last detail. My lab is in the US so everything is up to code, my CBD is sourced from the 1st USA FDA approved Cannabis farm, and my candles are hand-poured in West Hollywood (by another female founder) with the purest ingredients. I think that is what truly sets the brand apart, is our superior blend of botanicals and scientific/natural ingredients. Vie En Rose also delivers results. I am not exaggerating when I say, my products heal inflammation and ease pain with zero side effects, other than hydration and anti-aging properties.

Q: Bridal Fantasy: What do you feel really sets your products apart from the rest?

A: Ingredients. My formulations are absolutely unbeatable. They are the most hydrating, cleanest, result-driven skincare I have ever used. They are also for all skin types, genders, and ages. Vie En Rose is magic, because I worked with one of the best labs in the country, formulating for 2 years, learning about every ingredient there is, while using my background in organic skincare and oils. My products are the cleanest, with 30 plus potent botanicals. And my candles are clean enough to use on your skin, and also botanical infused! The mist is such a special product as well because it goes above, or under makeup. It’s travel sized and hydrates throughout the day, it alleviates my migraines, and literally calms the skin immediately. It is the glow on the go – and I’ve never seen a mist with these types of ingredients. Swiss glacier water, rose stem cell, CBD isolate, hyaluronic acid, organic aloe as the base. The Mile High Ultra-hydrating Mist is the best product I’ve ever used.

Q: Bridal Fantasy: Here at Bridal Fantasy one of our main focuses is our Love Anthropology multi-media brand that takes a deep dive into modern love and how we express our love to others and ourselves. I’m sure you can agree that feeling beautiful on the inside is just as important as on the outside; can you share with our readers your secrets to not only looking beautiful, but feeling beautiful, too?

A: I don’t think I am capable of looking good, if I don’t feel good. The core of life and how you approved the world, is based off how you love and value yourself. Who’s going to respect a person who doesn’t respect themself. The most beautiful I had ever felt at the time, was the first time I walked into a pitch meeting at HBO with the heads, to pitch a show. It was the 1st time I had a meeting since I’d been to Hollywood that was solely about what I had to say and nothing to do with my looks. I’ve never felt more beautiful, because I was empowered. It truly brings me joy to raise others up and appreciate uniqueness as beautiful. Down time to yourself is important self care – to reset and realign with yourself. It’s easy to wander off path, but those moments alone, doing self care, baths, and face masks…I love that. I base true beauty by what’s on the inside. You can’t spread a miracle cream to fix a bad personality or unkind heart, ya know? My most beautiful self is makeup-less, rested, content with being in the moment, knowing my loved ones are healthy, eating healthy, and smiling… preferably on Kauai with bare feet and saltwater in my hair. Clear, healthy, glowing skin always helps make me feel beautiful.

Q: Bridal Fantasy: Your products seem to have a heavy focus on reducing the effects of aging. What do you feel are some of the main reasons that some of us seem to age faster than others?

A: There are many factors; genetics, lifestyle, diet. Think of your skin like a grape, if your dry out that grape or leave it in the sun it will shrivel into a raisin. As we age that happens to our skin – as we also lose collagen and elasticity. Smoking, sun, and alcohol all affect the aging process. Some people are just truly blessed with incredible genetics, and some have to work very hard to slow down the signs of aging. Also, people overdoing plastic surgery… stop! It ages you and we don’t know the long term effects of some of these procedures. I believe true beauty is ageless and timeless, it’s all about cherishing your body.

Q: Bridal Fantasy: You’ve been really open about struggling with skin issues yourself. If you don’t mind sharing with our audience, what would you say is your largest skincare issue and what do you do to resolve this?

A: First off, I have always had very dry sensitive skin. My skin sensitivities turned into weird allergic reactions in the form of rashy red bumps all over my face and neck. I wouldn’t even want to leave the house on some days. That’s why I formulated my own products, to cure my own skin. I never saw this as my future, it started to heal myself. CBD has changed my skin completely. I don’t break out, it calms my skin, it gets rid of inflammation. It’s a miracle beauty component. I also love to sleep on my face which is horrible to do, it gives to lines. So training myself to sleep on my back has been interesting. If my skin feels inflamed I use my ice roller religiously. I also grew up in Kauai surfing and I have very fair skin, so I got a lot of sun damage when I was younger. Using my products jammed with vitamin C, rose stem cell, and other ingredients that reverse/fight free-radical damage has made the world of difference in brightening and evening my complexion and sun spots.

Q: Bridal Fantasy: Thanks again so much for taking the time to speak with Bridal Fantasy! Can you tell our readers the best way to follow you online and how they can get their hands on your product?  

A: Thank you so much! Your dreamy readers can find me personally on Instagram/Tiktok @lovemalearose and Vie En Rose Instagram/TikTok is @vieenrosebeauty Follow us for exclusive offers! The new candle site (literally the best scents) is and the skincare is site is they are linked as well! We do beautiful custom packaging with handwritten notes, perfect for bridal and wedding gifting.

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